Some tips in the Mercantour resorts

The General Council of the Alpes Maritimes publishes a collection Randoxygènes above named guides that guide you through practical advice on hikes Pédestres Hauts Pays, Vehicles Country, Country Coastal, mountain biking and other sights to visit. It's free and can be found in town halls offices Tourism initiatives the unions or by mail outside the department. They are also available online at

Going on Mountain Ski Package on the French Riviera for low prices: it is possible to book 1day / 2days / 6 days. Available in over 1500 outlets in France, Switzerland and Belgium

In order to facilitate traveling between Nice and Isola2000 / Auron and Valberg from the Nice airport or train station, 1 euro for the bus ride is a little long but lets make beautiful economies must plan for holidays ski already expensive. skibus.asp

Skier less possible to Isola2000 through flash sales of cheap packages is -50% every Tuesday. Knowing the price that cost a mechanical lift is really a bionne opportunity to ease its budget. The basis price is the following: 1day 30 € / 80 € 3 days / 5 days 105 € / 7days 155 € this is an excellent plan to argue for the well being of your wallet. For that matter in Valberg from € 150 purchase a free day is offered for much more accentuated the family side of the station when an adult + child under 12 buy a ski pass they receive 580% discount.

Furthermore this resort offers cumulates Snowmiles, points that allow you to save ski days. However it remains unclear that these offers are valid except WE and school holidays and on certain conditions; it remains positive all depends on when you leave, to take into account anyway because it really pays when you think about it.