Which hotel fall in Foix?

At the foot of the Pyrénées Mountains are located Balladins hotel Campanile near the Foix and 3 minutes from the Museum of Hunting and Nature, are the many restaurants nearby. For one night at Campanile, you débourserez in 40 euros. 5km from the center, in an old barn, the Hotel du Lac welcomes you to a pleasant and relaxing. You can go canoeing, kayaking, a restaurant open for dinner suggest local specialties. At Foix, there are guest houses, among others, the Hatters, the Arget the rooms for an average price of 60 euros offers a quiet holiday and a fish farm on the banks of the river. If you prefer traditional hotels, there is, among other things, Hotel Eychenne, Pyrene the hotel, the hotel Batbacrane. The Caravan Camping du Lac and the houses; Cottage France Ariege Bed and ruraus of the Chamber of Agriculture may also accommodation. In addition to the Museum of Hunting and Nature, the Castle of the Counts of Foix is ​​also to visit.