What to do in Paris when it rains?


Rainy day in Paris ...

Grisaille tenacious, thin, continuous rain, darkness in the apartment and electric lights on in the afternoon ... and nothing to do but to walk between four walls! Some days Parisian life seems bleak and uninteresting ... What to do in this column rain which Paris is customary? Stay locked itself in is an option, but not the most interesting of all. At best, it moved to his office, thinking of the next vacation, a place where the sun shines all the time, where it is warm, where one spends his life outside ... outside! The idea is launched, you must go out, get outside, take care of mind and clear his head, rain, shine, whatever! And it's still right there one of the great advantages of Paris: on reflection a minimum, there is always plenty to do to fill his day, even when it falls torrential rain, even a wet coat. And the umbrellas were not invented for dogs! There is of course the classics of the rainy day, cinemas and museums in Paris, but here are some other ideas in case you're dry on a rainy day.

A jump in water at Aquaboulevard

Needless to do things by halves: left to get wet, so be it whole! A classic to sell a gray and rainy day in swimsuits while staying in Paris, Aquaboulevard serves palliative for many Parisians eager for a bit of warmth and bathing. Many activities are available between slides, wave pools, hot tubs, the water aerobics, etc ... Enough to occupy the whole family, children (from 3 years) and parents (no limits age ...) included! -Aquaboulevard, 4 rue Louis Armand, Paris 15th. -Métros: Balard (line 8), Porte de Versailles (line 12) -timetable: daily from 9 am to 23h until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, opening at 8 am Sunday Saturdays. -Price: not really given if you go with all your family, but ... around 25 euros / adult and $ 15 / child. Prices vary by season, see the Aquaboulevard's website for more details.

About Paris Carnavalet Museum

rainy days in Paris are particularly long, which is why we recommend a particular museum, not just any Carnavalet Museum. Why this one? Because the visit of the Musée Carnavalet takes hours and hours! And not hours to get bored, on the contrary. The Carnavalet museum traces the fascinating history of the capital, through a rich collection of many comments, a clear and comprehensive presentation, ideal for reviewing its databases and know all of the historic Parisian ... by the way, the museum located in the Marais district, a good excuse to ride pending a possible thinning. -Musée Carnavalet, 23 rue de Sevigne, Paris 13th. -Métros: Saint Paul (line 1) -timetable: 10h-18h every day except Monday. -Price: another reason to favor the Carnavalet museum, a point of view more down-to-earth: the entrance is free for the permanent exhibition, the day the rain will not cost you anything !

Walk to the cemetery to set the mood

Have you noticed that the All Saints Day, the Feast of the Dead, it rains consistently! What inspired the idea: why not merge completely in the graying atmosphere of a rainy day and starting to walk the aisles of Parisian cemeteries? These are real institutions for lovers of walks: the architecture, the atmosphere, '' Breakfast '' famous of which is always looking for graves, most Parisian cemeteries have nothing completely dead places for enthusiasts morbid, on the contrary. The Montmartre cemetery, Père Lachaise or even the Montparnasse cemetery, or how to maximize the Paris gloom! -Cimetière Pere Lachaise, Paris 19th, Metro Pere Lachaise (lines 2 and 3) -Cimetière Montmartre, Paris 18th, Metro Place de Clichy / White (lines 13 and 2). -Cimetière Montparnasse, Paris 14th, Metro Gaite (line 13) or Raspail (line 12) -timetable: depending on the season. -Price: Free course !

The Paris Sewer Museum

cloudburst that befell Paris finish their race in the sewers ... and this is also where you might end up with a dreary gray day! Among the unusual museums of Paris, the Museum of sewers seem perfect for care while réchappant rain. Rest assured, the galleries open to visitors are specially equipped and it has not to wade in bouillasse, even if it remains wet in the basement of the capital! Anyway, given the time outside, so take the opportunity to sharpen your knowledge of Paris in every detail. History, equipment, machines and models, guided tour, you can out of this museum knowing all about the sewers! -Musée sewers at the Pont de l'Alma, Paris 7th. -Métros Alma-Marceau (line 9), RER C Pont de l'Alma -timetable: 11h-17h from May to September, 11h-16h the rest of the year. Closed Thursday and Friday. -Price: full price 4.30 euros, reduced rate 3.50 euros .

The National Museum of Natural History

There moult reasons to visit the National Museum of Natural History, especially when it's a pig ... the long walk in the Jardin des Plantes is an excellent introduction: this park full color goes well morale under a leaden sky! Then, the museum offers multiple tours, enough to fill an entire day. The great unavoidable, the Gallery of Evolution, is only the first tree that hides the forest with all the sights it contains, the Museum enthrall suddenly younger safe as the most jaded of us. .. a delightful tour that perfectly fill a rainy day ... National Natural History -Museum, Jardin des Plantes 36, rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire, Paris 5th. -Métros Austerlitz (line 5, RER C) Censier Daubenton (line 7), Jussieu (line 10). -timetable: 10h-18h every day. Closed on Tuesdays. -Price: full price € 7, concessions € 5 .

The hammam at the Great Mosque of Paris

Interestingly, rainy days have a serious tendency to make all the effete world ... so rather than stay lazy at home doing nothing, why not relax by not doing much more, hammam the Great Mosque of Paris? Heat, invigorating treatments, good hammam session gives anyone plumb and is an excellent way to spend the short strokes of depression that accompany the rain drops ... a mint tea in shelter of the mosque will eventually brighten this gloomy day in Paris! -Great Mosque of Paris, 36 rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire, Paris 5th. -Métros Austerlitz (line 5, RER C) Censier Daubenton (line 7), Jussieu (line 10). -timetable: Women: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, 10h-21h, 14h-21h Friday. Men: Monday 14h-21h, 10h-21h Sunday. -Price: Single entry 18 euros, care packages from 43 euros (massage, scrub, tea ...) .

The Catacombs of Paris

humidity, darkness, gloom ... not too disorient you the weather outside today, why not focus your attention on a visit to a place just as damp and dark? A rainy day indeed seems the perfect time to wander underground in the Catacombs of Paris. If there are multiple entries informal everywhere in Paris, for the less adventurous among us, the easiest thing to follow the official visit. The entrance is located on Place Denfert-Rochereau. After descending a staircase that appears headed the bowels of Paris, dark guts, disturbing inscriptions on the walls, pile of skulls and femurs in the corridors of the ossuary, everything is as it is and immerses you in the mood ... better enjoy on a rainy day in bright sunshine! -Catacombes of Paris, 1 avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy, Paris 14th -Metro: Denfert-Rochereau (line 4, RER B) -timetable: Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am-17h, last entrance at 16h. -Price: full price € 8, € 4 for 14-26 years, free for children under 13. .

The Planetarium Palace Discovery

Sky sealed, general dullness, you feel it would be enough to raise the arm to touch the clouds, so these are heavy? It was soon time to leave for other lands, even what to spend the afternoon. And to do that, no need to travel far, you simply go to the Palais de la Découverte. With its Planetarium, the Palace of Discovery allows you indeed to finally enjoy a clear sky full of stars! After not seeing a radius of the largest of them, the sun, it's nice to contemplate this heavenly vault replica 15 meters wide, while listening intently to lectures about the solar system and entire universe! Just as interesting for adults as for children. To complete the session, linger on the exhibitions the museum. -Palais of Discovery, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, Paris 8th. -Métros: Champs Elysées-Clémenceau (Lines 1 and 13), Franklin D. Roosevelt (lines 1 and 9), Disabled (RER C). -timetable: daily, 9h30-18h, 10h-19h on Sundays. Closed on Mondays. Planetarium sessions at set times, check schedules before heading to the Palace of Discovery. -Price: full price € 8, concessions € 6. Access to the Planetarium, 3 euros in addition to the ticket.

Walking in the rain in the streets of Paris

This is not because it rains it must necessarily seek to escape the rain! What makes us always want to stay locked when it is two drops of water? At the risk of being wet, we go out, we go home, we dry, and here, a little breath of fresh air while having braved the weather! Paris in the rain, it can have its charm ... thankfully so, because it often rains on the capital, a day, two or three days a week in a row ... Parisians knowledgeable grisaille ! So rather than searching the activity out of the ordinary, you settle in contrast to the more mundane: a stroll through the streets of Montmartre, abandoned because of wet cobblestones, through the surprisingly quiet streets of the Marais or the Ile de la Cite, strolling with a profoundly nostalgic air under the trees of the Canal Saint-Martin ... And to dry a little short drive, it is not complicated: Paris has what it takes to cafes and small cafés where sitting down, inside or on the covered terrace, from where you'll have time to see rain.