What to do at the airport waiting for his flight


A missed flight or a long match, you're stuck at the airport for several hours. Some ideas to pass the time so (more or less) productive.

  1. Buy Toblerone huge tax-free. The largest weighs 4.5 kg and is 80 cm long!
  2. Test every perfume samples to have no more smell.
  3. Make slips on the floor or the suitcases racing .
  4. Make a comparison chart of the finest airplanes from the airport.
  5. Running with a desperate like you're going to miss your plane and shoving all users.
  6. Buy a written newspaper in an unknown alphabet in the international press corner.
  7. You improvise literary criticism at the bookstore: If I were you, I would not take this book, it is zero.
  8. Test the new Japanese toilets from Orly airport: a movement and flush starts ... while you're still sitting !
  9. Test soft sandwiches overpriced industrial bakeries.
  10. You sleep in a corner ... and miss the next plane . Repeat the process.