Extend the summer in Hammamet

Hammamet-les plages

How about to extend the summer in Hammamet along the Tunisian coastal zone? Alone or accompanied, a warm welcome awaits you in one of the majestic hotels of the most attractive seaside resort in the country, for very affordable prices.

A wide range of choices available to you . We recommend a stay of activity between thalassotherapy sessions, diving and one or two of golf at one of the clubs in the city. Start your stay in the hands of Tunisian professional massages, between Shiatsu, hot stone friction and Jacuzzi sessions, you will be able to evacuate all the negative vibes you have accumulated and you'll very quickly form. You will be pampered in the hair tip toe to toe. Need to see the result? Head to one of the diving clubs underwater site, and book a baptism of discovery of a fauna and a wonderful flora, a unique opportunity to finally know the famous rock grouper, rock and Odysséa several wrecks from the second World war. You will have the chance to go if you desire, up to 15 meters deep. After visiting the famous places of the villecomme the old Medina, and taste the grilled fresh fish in one of the famous restaurants in the area, we recommend you follow the path of Golf Citrus, diving in the heart of beautiful lakes, olive fields and green forests Try a 9 hole par 28 school course on a surface of 1200 meters around water hazards and bunkers, a real fun time with friends!

yes, you have understood! Your summer in Hammamet can last until the end of the fall!