Main GRs in France

The GR acronym for a hiking trail that one course in several days, this one is marked in red and white. There are also GRP that they form loops

The four most famous GR France are. GR 20 in Corsica, the GR10 in the Pyrenees, the GR 34 in Britain and the GR 5 which runs through eastern France from north to south.

the famous GR20 which takes about 17 days to be accomplished through the northwestern Corsica southeast of Calenzana to Conca. The connection takes place in part at altitudes above 2000 m. This is a summer route that is normally feasible until early June due to heavy snow. It may, without disadvantage against, be walked until early November.

The trail is particularly crowded in August, for many people the best time to do the GR 20 is late spring or early fall.

the GR 10 crosses the Pyrenees, connecting the sea to the ocean by the mountain. From west to east, it starts climbing the hillsides of the Basque Country from Hendaye and valley to valley passes, eventually joining Banyuls-sur-Mer on the Côte Vermeille. It alternates forest track, road and mountain path. It takes approximately 50 days to complete the course. The highest pass used by this route is that of Hourquette Ossoue in the massive Vignemale (Hauts Pyrenees) to 2734 m.

GR34 from Vitré in ille- et-Vilaine and ends at the Park Tour in Morbihan. It runs almost the entire coast of Brittany and largely reflects the ancient paths of Customs.

As for the GR 5 it from the North Sea (Hook of Holland) to reach the Mediterranean Sea in Nice, totaling 2600 kilometers. It happens in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France, where it crosses the Vosges and the Jura, passing by Switzerland where he continued his journey to Lake Geneva and again in France for the crossing north south of the Alps from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean

some tips. Check the opening of certain accommodations during the off season and book your accommodation in advance during high season.