Piccadilly circus: the good places for shopping


The London fashion is a separate mode, it is far from being like Milan or Paris with their luxury shops and high fashion stores. It is rather a mode for those who want a style of their own. The latest trends and the most extravagant looks are found here. This does not prevent the city has still known chains, but they are surely not they that are the hallmark of London style. & # 13; The City of London is home to thousands of shops and hundreds of shopping streets, one of the hottest of them and Piccadilly. This famous London shopping street is located in the West End spanning over a kilometer and a half from the Carrefour Piccadilly Circus to Hyde Park Corner. The street is dotted with fashion boutiques, including Lillywhites, one of the most famous shops and undoubtedly one of the first to have opened in Piccadilly. The shop specializes in sporting goods, but there still are clothes everyday and dress shoes. Prices are quite affordable, so do not forget to go for a walk, you will surely find your happiness. The Lillywhites store is built on six floors, offering stunning views of the neighborhood. Even if you have nothing to buy, just go for it to contemplate the upstairs area. From there, you can very well see the famous neon signs that make the reputation of Piccadilly Circus. These signs display advertisements from major brands such as McDonalds, Samsung, Sony, etc.

& # 13; Unlike other shopping streets of London who desert Sunday, Piccadilly is a hive all day and every day of the week.

& # 13; If you are accompanied by your children, or if a child's soul in you, be sure to get to "Hamley's" paradise toys. For craft lovers "Liberty" is a must especially not miss it there are no less than 10,000 types of fabrics. & # 13; Once you've been around Piccadilly Circus and the shopping streets that surround it: Regent Street, Coventry Street, Glasshouse Street and Avenue Shaftesburby, you can really say you've been shopping in London.