An unforgettable weekend in Tunisia


Spend a weekend in Tunisia is synonymous with relaxation, discovery, admiring beautiful landscapes north to south. You have a choice of tours, starting with the capital. After putting your luggage in one of the hotels in town, go to the heart of the Medina, the old Tunisian town, home to the long traditional markets and admire the magnificent architecture of museums, steam rooms, and the Grand Mosque Al Zitouna. If you fancy a change of scenery, you can take the bus to the coastal area of ​​the southern suburbs, starting from the chute remains of Roman ruins, to the beautiful sandy beaches with turquoise waters of Gammarth, where s 'offered to you quietly a host of exclusive restaurants. Do not miss the visit of the legendary port city of Sidi Bou Said the white and blue colors, a city listed as a UNESCO heritage site. In Tunisia, you can entertain yourself in the heart of the southern dune bays, passing through the sweet Djerba, the island of the lotus eaters and dreams, then staying in one of the neighboring villages like Zarzis, of Matmata or Tozeur and beautiful palm trees in the heart of the desert. If you are looking for an extremely vibrant nightlife, opt for a stay in Hammamet, on the southeast coast of Cap Bon, in almost an hour from the capital. Here you can enjoy the sun throughout the year and enjoy a refreshing swim before planning a memorable evening in one of the nightclubs in the city, or even thirty kilometers in Sousse second tourist destination from Tunisia. One thing is sure, you will be unsure of countless world famous nightclubs, between Bora Bora, an open air atmosphere of a fire, hip-hop and electro, or even in the heart of Bonaparte Sousse club, where you can enjoy themed parties led by international DJs. A week in Tunisia will meet every taste and every mood.