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Egypt stimulates the imagination of western tourists like few other countries can do it, go to Egypt is to return to the sources of our civilization.

Check out the gigantic tombs of pharaohs, down the Nile to Luxor Temple and Abu Simbel, cross the desert and get lost in the sprawling megalopolis of Cairo.
Egypt is best known for his ancient Egyptian civilization, with its pyramids, hieroglyphics and mummies ... the regularity and richness of the annual Nile flood, coupled with semi-isolation provided by deserts to the east and west, allowed for the development one of the greatest civilizations of the world. A unified kingdom was born around 3200 BC and a series of dynasties reigning in Egypt for more than three millennia.

The essentials in Egypt

The list of things to see in Egypt is long, a trip to Egypt usually starts with a visit to Cairo (this is where you'll probably land anyway) and must-pyramids which are located in the middle the outskirts of the city.
Linger a bit in Cairo, Cairo is a fascinating city, generating an incredible energy, it must taste the excitement, jump into the crowd that walks the old Cairo bazaar.

See also in Cairo

  • the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx
  • Egyptian Museum
  • pyramids and temples of Saqqara and Dahshur
  • Citadel of Salah El Din
  • Mohamed Ali Mosque

    In the north of Egypt do not miss either to visit Alexandria, take a train from Cairo to get there. The second city of the country, this beautiful lady of the Mediterranean is also interesting, with its large seafront, its diverse neighborhoods and its great library.

    Having also in Alexandria

    • Roman and Greek ruins
    • Castle Qa'edbay
    • Qasr El Montaza Palace

      Then take the road south towards Aswan, Assiut, Luxor, Abu Simbel ... to find the Egypt of the pharaohs, the trip can be done by train or cruise ship.

      The main things to do:

      • The temples of Luxor
      • The Valley of the Kings
      • the temples of Abu Simbel
      • The Aswan îlesjardin

        Finally, in the Sinai and on the coasts of the Red Sea you will discover some of the most beautiful reefs in the world to scuba dive, the most popular destination in this region is the famous Sharm El Sheick a large resort in the desert with its many hotels, bars and restaurants that figure Egyptian Las Vegas.
        Hurghada is world famous for its possibilities of underwater dives.
        See also:

        • Port Said on the edge of the Mediterranean, Port Said is the third largest city of Egypt, its architecture reflects the colonial heritage see the lighthouse of Port Said, the first building in the world built in reinforced concrete
        • Gilf Kebir an oasis in the desert, you can see prehistoric rock paintings
        • Karnak
        • Lake Nasser created by the Aswan Dam
        • Memphis and Sakkara pyramids and ruins of ancient Egypt nearby Cairo
        • Nuweiba village with a number of eco lodge camps
        • Siwa beautiful oasis near the Libyan border
        • Mount Katherine home to the oldest continuously inhabited monastery

          Sleeping Egypt

          All categories of hotels are represented in Egypt, the least recommendable the most luxurious hotels. It's all about budget.
          For a European hotels Mid to upper remain affordable, except perhaps in Sharm El Sheikh, or really the prices are prohibitive.
          In the really cheap hotels category you will find a whole range hotels more or less well maintained, check the rooms before taking them.

          Climate in Egypt

          In summer temperatures easily exceed 40 degrees, short not really the best time to go to Egypt unless you go to Sharmel Sheik or Hurgagha, the two major resorts on the Red Sea.
          avoid the Cairo in the summer, extreme heat is increasing pollution and the air becomes unbreathable enough.
          from November to March the temperatures are milder and more conducive to the pyramids visits and other crapahutages desert. Even in winter it hardly rains in Egypt, apart from on the north coast, to Alexandria.

          Visa and entry formalities in Egypt

          You need a tourist visa to return to Egypt, this one is easily obtained from either an embassy or an Egyptian consulate or directly on arrival at the main entry points, it costs about fifteen euro and is valid for a maximum period of three months.
          visitors entering Egypt at the land border from Taba or Sharm elCheikh airport airport can obtain an entry visa Free fourteen days, provided you stay on the coast of Aqaba from the Sinai Peninsula.
          visitors wishing to leave the Sinai Peninsula and to visit Cairo will then get a full visa.

          Go in Egypt

          Egypt has several international airports:
          The Cairo International Airport is the main gateway to the country and the hub of the national carrier Egyptair. Several airlines have daily flights from France: Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, Egyptair. Expect to pay about € 400 roundtrip journey and 4:30 to go to Cairo from Paris.
          Alexandria has two airports: The main airport is El Nouzha, which operates flights to cities of the Middle East. The only connection to Europe is provided by Olympic Airlines from Athens. A second airport Borg El Arab Airport is served by Lufthansa from Frankfurt, Emirates from Dubai and the Turkish Airlines from Istanbul.

          • Luxor International Airport receives regular international flights, but mostly charter flights.
          • Aswan International Airport.
          • Hurghada International Airport, receives a number of charter flights.
          • International Airport Sharm Elsheikh, receives a number of charter flights.
          • International Airport Burg Al Arab.
          • International Airport Marsa Alam.

            Moving in Egypt

            & rarr; By train
            The Egyptian railway system grossomodo consists of a single huge line along the Nile from Alexandria to Aswan and Luxor via Cairo.
            The most heavily used route being the CaireAlexandrie, with several regular trains daily. (Cairo starting at Ramses Station.
            The trains although a bit slow are comfortable and well equipped, they have first and second class.
            It is advisable to buy tickets at advance as during peak hours, the trains can be fully reserved
            & rarr;. by bus
            Egypt has an extensive network of long-distance bus, operated mainly by state companies: Pullman, West Delta, Golden Arrow, Super Jet East Delta, El Gouna, HauteEgypte Bus Co.
            Without wanting to alarm the road accidents are very common in Egypt, mainly because of bad road conditions, dangerous driving and non-enforcement of traffic rules.
            If you are a passenger in a bus or a taxi that travels too fast you should strongly direct the driver to slow down.
            & rarr; taxi
            Be careful with taxis, they do not have counters and that as a European you are supposed to pay any sum that even the most incredible ... good advice always agree the price before getting into a taxi or ask you in advance the price of a trip not seem to land. Basically a race in central Cairo for 510 minutes costs about 5 pounds. (1 euro)
            Make sure also that it is indeed an official taxi before getting in. In Cairo taxis are painted black with white around the front and rear wings, Luxor they are blue and white and yellow and black Alexandria.
            You can also hire taxis for days, for between 100200 LE if you go to Saqqara Cairo for example.
            & rarr; By Air:
            The domestic air network is quite extensive and covers most major cities. The national carrier, EgyptAir, offers the most scheduled services between. Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Hurghada, Sharm Elsheikh, Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, Marsa Alam Kharga Oasis