From Corsica by car. Advice

Baie de Rondinara

If you are going to stay in Corsica, it is best to have a car to enjoy better. Indeed, public transportation is not convenient enough to tourism. Buses, for example, are more oriented towards the needs of the local population (schools, factories). A car makes it possible to have more freedom and access to the finest beauty of the island locations. Two solutions are possible: rent a car or a camper on site or go with your own car in Corsica

To take a car in Corsica, it must necessarily go through a shipping company.. The transport cost is about 70 euros each way. Online booking in advance is entitled to significant discounts. Several companies used to make the link between France and Italy on one side and Corsica on the other side as Corsica Ferries, SNCM and the South. Departures are generally Nice, Toulon and Marseille to Bastia and Ajaccio. It is important to book early to guarantee a place. Also keep in mind that a trip can be canceled at any time due to bad weather. The line to make up a car on board can be long.

In Corsica, the roads are generally in good condition. However there is a lot of traffic. So be very careful driving and drive slowly especially in curves and on mountain roads. These are often narrow but offer great views of the page and fixtures.

To park a car, there are several solutions. There are public and private car parks. Some hotels and shipping companies also offer this service. The free car parks fill up fast. Otherwise, it is also possible to park on roadsides as this practice is common in Corsica. Things are more complicated with motorhomes. Some car parks put bars on entry or require an overnight stay.