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Hotels clubs and stays in Egypt

The remains of Pharaonic present in the tourist imagination of many, of course, have contributed to the popularization of Egypt as a major tourist destination, but the country has more major assets in the presence its great river, the Nile, its deserts and its splendid coastline on the Red Sea. Despite the unrest in the country, Egypt remains high among the favorite destinations of tourists. And if the country is experiencing difficulty, tourism, primordial, retains a relative calm: just see life with holidaymakers in the great Egyptian hotels clubs to be convinced ... In addition to its absolutely not miss along the Nile, where the architectural wonders of the Pharaohs displayed, Egypt has developed its tourism through its resorts, focused on the Red Sea. For vacation resort hotel, it is here that it happens ... But when starting? The tourist seasons change according to the country that does not obey the same climatic conditions. However, note that the month '' winter '' (on the Red Sea, warmer temperatures stay well ...) are synonymous with a larger attendance, while summer (for once, the sun hits hard) , numerous specials designed to attract new followers.

How to book a resort hotel in Egypt?

Most of the major Egyptian tourist destinations have their share of hotels, resorts, especially beach resorts of the Red Sea, which the hotel supply seems only consist of these. On the hotel booking sites you will find a wide selection of clubs for your next vacation. However, the package resort, proposed by general tour as by specialized agencies on Egypt allow to leave a club for much cheaper if you book your hotel and flight separately. This is certainly not the only way to leave Egypt, but left to pay less, why not get started? Stays in Egypt, once you do a search on the internet, are really not missing this. The formulas are varied, they often include a fully equipped club to meet the needs of tourists in places '' paradise ''. It only remains to sort to find the right deal (all hotels clubs stays are not ...). One week stay in Club 4 stars around 600-800 euros seems a good average. You can do more, but also much less, when the formulas are sold off by the tour operators in particular. From one week to 400-500 euros, including flight and hotel, it can happen in the summer, for example!

How to enjoy the best price?

Go club in Egypt without going through a travel agent does not seem very interesting in terms of budget, as it will be difficult to match an affordable flight with a hotel reservation at a good price. Note however in passing that some tour operators offer deals including hotel club only, leaving you free to get yourself the ticket of your choice. However, as with one stone two birds and opt for the attractive prices of package holidays. Some tips for finding the best possible prices: -Play on seasons and departure dates: from shifting in the peak tourist season allows you to enjoy cheaper rooms hence cheaper also stays. Adjust if possible dates for your holiday! Similarly, prices of package holidays are changing from one date to another, make sure the price calendar. -Book in advance / at the last minute: the more you do it, the sooner you're likely to find a good price to stay ... Prepare your holiday club in advance! Similarly, a hotel may lower its prices at the last minute rather than keeping empty rooms ... the last minute, it also works, but runs the risk of not finding what you need. -The specials on the internet: probably the best way to see prices fall, remain alert to specials regularly offered on booking sites (hotels, travel agencies). Bargains are still to be taken. -Compare sites: do not hesitate to take advantage of competition between sites, comparing offers from several travel sites hotels or travel agencies.

Tips for Choosing a resort hotel

Prices hallucinating are not always synonymous with exceptional stays, and poor quality hotels clubs, to be polite, exist in Egypt. Therefore, to avoid being stuck for a week in a hotel in the report disappointing value despite all inclusive, here are some tips for choosing the hotel and package tour to Egypt: At the hotel: -Equipment and comfort: 4 and 5 stars seem almost a standard for Egyptian clubs, hotels, but do not let those stars twinkle too loud to you. An investigative work begins: bother much detail the various hotel amenities but also rooms with the level of comfort induced: unfortunately some dingy establishments flawed ... -The restoration: the all inclusive is widespread in Egyptian resorts, then leaves to take all your meals there, it is better for you than the quality follow! Some clubs trimming too much on costs serve cuisine that has nothing, say, exceptional ... -The activities: which activities / excursions / activities are offered by the club? What are the themes? Are children welcome? What is planned for the latter? -The location: the blurbs are rarely very specific as to the exact situation ... check out this information for the phrase '' next to the beach '' does not mean ½ hour walk! -The customer opinion: holidaymakers use them more and more attention, and they are right. Better to sort, but customers think as a whole, are likely to be more objective than tourism promotion texts ... At the residence formula: -What is the quality of the resort included? A tour or tours are they planned? -The transfers to / from the airport are they included? -What insurance are included in the offer? What are those proposed surcharge? But also, what assurances enjoy you already subscribe before others? -Formula all inclusive (all inclusive): what is included and what is not? The contract description must be specific about it. -Dates and departure cities: what are the available dates, at what price? What departure cities available most practical for you?

Clubs destinations in Egypt

This is good, you are determined to go to Egypt and spend your next vacation club ... now, it is unclear where to go! In terms of club destinations, Egypt does not present either thirty-six destinations ... here's a quick tour of the main: -Louxor: the city has many hotels, clubs and is found frequently offered by travel agencies. The evocation of the Valley of the Kings only makes you want to go. In general, the club stays in Luxor include trips to other major ancient sites in the region. -Hurghada: the resort has the wind in its sails in Egypt, Hurghada has a slew of clubs and offers visitors to taste the joys of lazing in the sun, leisure and entertainment of all kinds, not to mention the introduction to diving. -Two variants that emerge in Hurghada at great speed, the Soma Bay resort 45 kilometers  south, and the brand new El Gouna, a little further north of its big sister. Hotels clubs do you want in here. Access from Hurghada airport in both cases. -Sharm el Sheilkh: do not forget the venerable Sharm el Sheikh, which also diving in the Red Sea, also promises great getaways in the Sinai desert. The program for all good clubs in the resort.

A variant club: cruises on the Nile

In seeking your next holiday in Egypt on the internet, you can only fall on cruise deals on the Nile, running on the same principle as the package resort. The difference ? Instead of being in a club, you're on a boat, and for some of them, the level of benefits as the atmosphere, there is virtually no difference! A typical example: a route on a large cruise ship fully equipped, up the Nile from Cairo, with all the essential stops in the program to Luxor or to the extreme south of the country, Abu Simbel. Stopovers are planned to visit the historical sites (sometimes shipped quickly ...), the route lasts 8 to 10 days. Many formulas are all inclusive, including not only the cruise but also the flight, meals, excursions, etc ... Attention, abundance is not always a guarantee of quality, and all cruise the Nile are far from offer identical services. Some ships are overcrowded, in poor condition or too old, others offer excellent cruising conditions: do not embark anywhere!

Stuff to provide for your stay in Egypt Club:

-Évaluez much budget you will need for your holiday. The price of a resort hotel despite all that it can encompass, does not include everything! The visits, excursions, diving courses, etc ... represent additional spending (less than spend the week at the pool ...). -Do you overload level clothes, warm temperatures, so no need to clutter. The outfits too discoveries, short shorts and other necklines are however not well seen everywhere and in all places. Make your case accordingly. -Know two to three Arabic words will always happy, even if in the clubs, all the staff speak at least English (second language). Note: Some tour operators offer clubs where they only speak French. disorientation level, we have seen better, but for the true zero in language ... -The security conditions in Egypt are evolving and changing, waiting for better stability. However, the resorts often operate like small closed worlds for tourists ... the economic stakes are high for Egypt!