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Hotels clubs and stays in Morocco

A nearby destination is reached in a few hours by plane only, but also accessible in terms of budget, with much lower daily expenses to what was done in France in particular, Morocco promises more a cultural disorientation, and of course, a healthy dose of sunshine. With all these advantages in its favor, it is no wonder that Morocco is a popular tourist destination also. The country has developed its infrastructures in order to support this exponential attendance: this is how the big hotels clubs appeared, present in all cities and tourist resorts in Morocco. Meanwhile, tour operators have taken head-on opportunity to package the club stays at competitive prices. Try the Internet, it will not take you long to see the extent of the tourist offer to Morocco! What is the best time to leave a club in Morocco? In climate, Marrakech or Agadir are particularly pleasant in spring (April, May) and in the late season (September, October) to choose from, a summery taste, or a sunny dose before attacking long winter months!

How to book a resort hotel in Morocco?

A recurring question is, is it cheaper to book a club room and then a flight separately, or tour operators stays formulas are they more interesting level budget? The answer is simple: whenever you want to stay in the resort hotel, the formulas of travel agencies seem the best solution. Moroccan clubs hotels are generally establishments 4 to 5 stars, whose prices do not reflect the bottom of the basket. However, tour operators directly negotiate rates with hoteliers but also with airlines or chartering their own charter flights to transport their customers. Add to that the package resort are a convenient way to go to the club, since there you have nothing to hold the tour operator responsible for you. We understand better why the packaged holidays are so successful! Again, for those who want a relaxing week in a Moroccan club, without organizational constraints and at low rates, then the choice is clear. To book, is simple: a brief search on the tour of sites will give you a wide range of stays ... the price range is wide, say that on average, it takes 300-500 euros for a week in a club 4 star. Depending on the season and the hotel standards, prices vary. Some very good deals are to enter with Morocco, it is not impossible from 7 days to 250 euros only occasionally a good promo.

How to enjoy the best price?

The big interest to go through a tour operator, it is sure to enjoy cheaply. Now the club stays have a tendency to climb or descend, so it is not always clear whether it enjoys the best price or not ... To help you find tenders more attractive and put the odds on your side, a few tips: -Book in advance / at the last minute: the more you do it, the sooner you're likely to find a good price to stay ... Prepare your holiday club in advance! Similarly, a hotel or a tour operator seeking to perform a charter flight is likely to lower its prices at the last minute rather than keeping rooms / seats empty ... the last minute, it also works, provided they do not be too picky about his future destination (we take what comes!). -Play on seasons and departure dates: from shifting in the peak tourist season allows you to enjoy cheaper club stays. If possible, adjust the dates of your holiday not to go along with everyone! Always in calendar, club stays prices tend to move from one date to another (depending on the day, week), although check the price schedule to decide. -The specials on the internet: probably the best way to see prices fall, remain alert to specials regularly offered on booking sites (hotels, travel agencies). Bargains are still to be taken, provided to decide quickly. -Compare sites: do not hesitate to take advantage of competition between tour operators, comparing offers from several travel sites hotels or travel agencies.

Tips for Choosing a resort hotel

Leaving the best price is one thing, to find the resort that suits you best is still another! Reconciling the two is not always easy ... if departure last minute, it is left to his luck, fingers crossed on the plane for the resort is good. But if you have time to choose your stay better not book the first offer came: all Moroccan clubs are far from being argued! To avoid unpleasant surprises, make several points about the club and the package tour: At the hotel: -Equipment and comfort: a resort hotel 4 stars in Morocco is not an absolute guarantee of quality. The faded or institutions offering services unfortunately limits exist ... enough to spoil much of the time! So take the time to detail the various facilities available, the comfortable rooms, the layout of the club, etc ... -The restoration: the inclusive fashion has spread widely in the Moroccan clubs, then leaves to take all your meals there, it is better for you that quality is at the rendezvous! Some unscrupulous clubs serve meals that are far from the reputation for excellence of Moroccan cuisine ... Otherwise, forsake the buffet and go enjoy a real couscous! -The activities: one of the key points for a quality resort hotel ... what activities, excursions and activities are offered by the club? What is the theme? Are children welcome? Are facilities provided for them? -The location: in the tourist blurbs, it seems that all clubs are exceptionally well located, close to everything ... check out this info, because the reality is often quite different. -The customer opinion: they take an ever more important in the final decision of vacationers. Customers opinion, consulted comprehensively, provide valuable information as to the actual quality of the hotel ... and they help to clarify the points raised above. At the residence formula: -What is the quality of the resort included in the formula? A circuit or discoveries / sports-tours planned? -The transfers to / from the airport are they included? -What insurance are included in the offer? What are those proposed surcharge? But also, what assurances enjoy you already subscribe before others? -Formula all inclusive (all inclusive): what is included and what is not? The contract description must be specific about it, so you do not be surprised by this or that supplement. -Dates and departure cities: what are the available dates, at what price? What are the cities where you can go?

The club destinations in Morocco

Now that you're a sleuth on the club hotel search, it remains to be determined to what destination you want to marry. In Morocco, the club stays mainly concentrated in a few large cities / resorts of the country ... small tour unavoidable: -Agadir: beaches, sunbathing and sunbeds, watersports, entertainment of all kinds, golf, excursions, and of course, big resorts, Agadir remains the No. 1 destination for those seeking the comfort of a club and insurance the sun. An offer of abundant stays, great prizes ... Mecca club stays in Morocco, period! -Marrakech: to magnify the line, there are two schools in Marrakech. The school '' riad in the heart of the medina '', and the school '' club in the heart of La Palmeraie ''. It is indeed in the Palmeraie, away from the historical center of Marrakech, which are located large hotels clubs. -Essaouira more discreet, with great charm, it will tend to opt for the riad in the medina in Essaouira ... but for fans of clubs, there are also the side of the beach in particular. -Ouarzazate: a resort hotel close to the desert, anyone? The excursions to the Sahara on one side, in the heights of the Atlas of the other Ouarzazate promises a completely different program than lazing at the beach ... easily replaced by lazing by the pool.

Stuff to provide for your club stay in Morocco:

-Évaluez much budget you will need for your holiday. Even an all inclusive club formula can not include everything, less to spend your time between the room, the pool, the buffet ... The visits, excursions, sports practices, etc ... represent additional requirements . The good news is that Morocco is still a cheap destination, some indiscretions should not fill your travel budget. -Inutile you overload level clothing if you go between May and October the temperatures are mild at least not worth the hassle. A sweater for the seaside (the wind blowing over the Atlantic) will be welcome. The outfits too bare, necklines or too short shorts are not well seen everywhere and in all places, think about preparing your suitcase. -The Morocco has a significant asset for French tourists (whose languages ​​are often not the strong point): in addition to Arabic, Moroccans speak very much French! In hotels clubs above all, no language barrier, communication is simple.