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Cape Verde is still an emerging destination, but that is emerging fast! Small concealing archipelago off the African coast in the Atlantic Ocean, this small country, which remained best known for the most famous of these ambassadors, Cesaria Evora, made more and more of him for its beautiful beaches, its culture, but also the diversity shown by each of these islands ... As for tourism investors, such information did not fall in deaf ears, and the first large format hotel-clubs began to grow in Cape Verde. Rather recent establishments and quality in all operating at fashion major resorts today: formulas inclusive, lots of amenities, activities, entertainment, comfort, beach just steps over the pool. With a mild climate all the year round, at the generous sun and temperatures, the success of Cape Verde in terms of tourism is insured! This destination definitely deserves to be better known ... you know, for example, the capital of Cape Verde? (After verification, it is Praia on Santiago Island ...). Not so far as that, in Senegal or Mauritania, and thus accessible by a short flight, Cape Verde is the subject of offers of all inclusive holidays from tour operators, a good way to go on club under the sun, as we shall see.

How to book a resort hotel in Cape Verde?

Of course, you can directly book your resort hotel on a hotel booking site or via the website of a particular establishment ... However, as is often the case for tourist resorts, the solution financially more attractive returns to go through a travel agency. Tour operators negotiate prices rooms and flights to establish all-inclusive packages at the most competitive price possible. In other words, it is cheaper to opt for an all inclusive holiday than booking separately a flight and your club. Several generalist tour operators and specialized agencies offer all inclusive holidays in Cape Verde, and the resort is basic accommodations such formulas. These therefore include at least the flight and hotel, and are widely available in all inclusive, which means that all your meals will also be supported. The price range for Cape Verdeans stays is quite wide, from 800 euros per week for the lowest prices, the average ranging up to 1200 euros. A price that does not include much authenticity it is true ... it must be said, the clubs of Cape Verde aimed primarily relaxation and recreation. At this price, a proposal rather tempting when you stay at a 4 star resort hotel with all the amenities to suit holidaymakers!

How to enjoy the best price?

The advantage of all-inclusive packages, in addition to organizing facilities (a few clicks on the internet sufficient to '' hold '' stay), it is the price. Then left to make things right to the end, here are some tips for you to try to dig up the best possible rates and from a club in Cape Verde: -The specials on the internet: they are numerous, frequent, and when they fall, the price differences can be substantial (eg: 1000 euros to 800 euros per week, a nice difference ..). Probably the best way to go to Cape Verde for cheap, stay alert to specials regularly offered on the internet through the main tour sites. -Compare sites: while you're at it, do not just look at a single site, play competition, comparing offers from several travel agencies. -Play on seasons and departure dates: depending on level of use clubs, stays prices more or less desirable, vary depending on the high and low seasons. If possible, calquez your vacancy on the most interesting times, knowing that the Cape Verdean climate is pleasant most of the year. Similarly, prices of package holidays are changing from one date to another (from one week to another, for example), although check the price schedule to decide. -Book in advance / at the last minute: the more you do it, the sooner you're likely to find a good price to stay ... start your research in advance! Similarly, hoteliers and tour operators prefer to complete a maximum of room rather than idling ... prices are then sold off at the last minute. Good business to enter, if you are a lucky hair (Cape Verde still not a widely proposed destination).

Clubs destinations in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an archipelago with a few islands are really only concerned with the establishment of hotels clubs. Of these, two are particularly present in the catalogs of travel agencies. Each is logically served by an airport, which allows tour operators to charter direct charter flights (avoiding domestic routes, not always very fast):  -SAL: certainly the most tourist island of Cape Verde, the recipe has proven itself: sun, beautiful beaches, resorts and large resorts ... This is the time to indulge in all kinds of water sports (windsurfing surfing and funboard, kitesurf, windsurf), but why not to scuba diving. Some sites to discover, too, such as the salt mines of Pedra de Lume, Buracona, the port of Palmeira and the lively Santa Maria, where one easily puts his suitcases. Enough to occupy a week's stay. -Boa Vista we take (almost) the same, and start again. dream beaches, vast expanses of sand and beauty of the Atlantic, water sports and relaxation are on the agenda on this island: some corners gather large tourist hotels more and more, others remain quite wild and beautiful, what vary according to your desires. Do not miss the town of Sal Rei, for its atmosphere. Sal and Boa Vista are the two heavyweights stays at the club level; if these two islands have many assets, there is still a shame to abandon the wealth of the rest of the archipelago ... if you get the chance, go for more than a week in Cape Verde

Stuff to provide for your club stay in Cape Verde:

-√Čvaluez much budget you will need for your holiday. Even club '' inclusive '', there will certainly be supplements to add at least to spend the whole stay on a lounger watching the sea ... -Inutile you overload level clothing: temperatures are mild throughout the year. -Question languages, remember that Cape Verdeans are Lusophone: So it speaks Portuguese and a good dose of Creole! If you speak Spanish, you have a chance that we understand you, but French is not current. The hotel staff is generally formed clubs to English. -For out of the tourist atmosphere of the hotels clubs and discover a more representative face of the country, please organize yourselves excursions, without intermediaries. Why not rent a car for the day?