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Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. Like Russia Canada has huge areas of untouched nature. This vast wilderness is one of the major attractions of the country.

economically, technologically and culturally, Canada resembles in many ways the United States. However, there are significant differences arising from its British and French heritage. Also unlike its US neighbor Canada prefers to see himself as a cultural mosaic rather than a big melting pot gathered under the banner '' All American ''.
Canadians are used to living and to interact with people of different backgrounds and are very friendly and open general.
English and french are the only two official languages ​​in Canada. All communications and services offered by the government are available in both languages. Most Canadians speak only English, there are francophones especially in eastern Canada, in Montreal and Quebec, they all speak both French and English.
There are other Francophone communities across the country, such as Ottawa, in parts of eastern and northern Ontario, in Winnipeg, in the Bonnie Doon neighborhood in Edmonton, New Scotia Area, New Brunswick, on the island of Prince Edward island and Newfoundland.
Geography of Canada.

Canada can be divided into six major regions:

-The Atlantic Provinces first (New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island Island), an area well known for its Acadian culture and the beauty of its nature.
- Quebec , the French region of Canada, with Montreal the second largest French speaking city in the world.
-L Ontario , the largest province in Canada by population, there are many things to see in Ontario; visit the largest city in Canada, Toronto, Ottawa visit the capital, to see the Niagara Falls and the Great Lakes ...
-The Prairie (Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan). An agricultural plains region extending to the foot of the Rockies. The main cities of this region are: Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary.
- BC . Vancouver is the heart of British Columbia, it is one of the most liberal and culturally diverse cities in North America. See also; Victoria, the capital of the province.
-The North (Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon). This is where lie the most remote regions of the planet, so wild and sparsely populated, only Inuit support the terrible winters of the Great North.

What to see in Canada

Canada's major asset is its untouched nature and its unique blend of cultures. There are many interesting towns to visit include:

  • Ottawa , the capital of Canada, home to national public buildings such as Parliament Hill and many great museums like the Museum of Civilization.
  • Toronto , the largest city of the country, but also the economic and cultural capital of Canada.
  • Montreal , the heart of French culture in North America.
  • Vancouver , the heart of British Columbia, it is one of the most liberal and culturally diverse cities in North America.
  • Calgary , one of the major financial centers of Canada, for visitors are the main attractions. Calgary Zoo, Calgary Tower, Glenbow Museum
  • Halifax , an architecturally interesting city with its English colonial heritage.
  • Quebec , known for its picturesque old town and Château Frontenac.
  • Whitehorse , on the road to Alaska, a good base for outdoor activities in the Canadian North.
  • Winnipeg , a city located in central Canada with a large francophone community.

    Visa and entry formalities in Canada

    To go to Canada as a visitor you need a tourist visa, to do this go to the Canadian Embassy, ​​Avenue Montaigne in Paris.
    wickets for visas are open in the morning.
    A valid passport is required and a return ticket and proof of solvency. Children already on the passport of parents do not need individual passport.

    Go Canada

    As for flights to Canada from France, direct flights are operated all year to Montreal, Quebec and Toronto. Direct seasonal services are operated to the cities of Halifax, Calgary and Vancouver. The main European companies serving Canada are Air France, Air Transat, British Airways, Corsair, Icelandair, Jet Airways, KLM and Lufthansa. As you are taking in advance you can find one-way to Montreal from 350 euros with Air Transat, and a return ticket for 500 euros, still with Air Transat. "

    Canada Climate

    It usually makes a little cold in Canada in the winter, temperatures of around -10 -20 & deg; C are not uncommon, cover yourself accordingly, in summer against the weather gets really hot with temperatures to 30 & deg; C.
    The most populated region in Southern Ontario enjoys a milder climate. As in Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut, is just south of the Arctic Circle, he done it very cold all year except in July and August (12 & deg; C max)
    On the coast. western British Columbia, Vancouver and Victoria are much more temperate, temperatures rarely drop below 0 & deg; C, against it rains a lot in winter.

    Move to Canada

    Visiting Canada is a major undertaking. Over 5000 km separate Newfoundland and Victoria. Go from coast to coast by train, bus or car can take 7-10 days or more. A flight from Toronto to Vancouver takes longer than 4 hours.
    Greyhound bus goes to many destinations in Canada. Inquire about discounts and travel packages that allow frequent stops while traveling across Canada.
    The best routes flown are those between Quebec City and Windsor, a corridor that includes the cities of Toronto, Montreal and the capital, Ottawa
    A number of bus companies operate in this area: Coach Canada , Megabus and Greyhound.
    the aircraft is the most effective way to move to Canada. Air Canada is the largest national carrier, and has by far the largest network and most frequent schedules. To move between the major cities WestJet also offers flights at competitive rates.
    Many people choose to rent a car. Although a bit expensive if you are traveling alone, this can be a good alternative if you are sharing the costs with others. However, there are many limitations on car rental in Canada, it may for example have very high supplements if you drop the car at a different location from where it was taken.
    Also unlimited mileage is often only in the Province you rented the car, out of this province you can not usually make more than 200 km per day.
    Finally, there no car rental with manual transmission.

    Accommodation in Canada

    Side accommodation, expect to pay in the cities more than $ 100 or more for a good hotel room. By cons in rural areas, the motels are small simple hotels where you might pay only $ 40 per night. Youth hostels are not data and cost between $ 20 and $ 40.
    In Canada some of the most famous monuments are hotels. The hotel says 'railway hotels' are a series of large 4 star hotels that were built in major cities (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Saint John Halifax) in 1900. most of them are still standing and held by companies such as Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.
    Prices range from 150 to $ 400 a night depending on the city and the size of the room.
    These hotels are architecturally beautiful and lavishly decorated.