Asterix Park


Parc Asterix

This is the little brother to Disney, attractive, organized and very well presented, Parc Astérix has quickly found its place among the leisure life, firmly honored by parks internationally known themes as Disney Land or the Europa Park. It was launched in 1985 and inaugurated by Jack Lang in 1989, offering the world a rich and thrilling multiverse, where civilizations and cultures meet but do not look alike. 6 world are highlighted in this park, for the happiness of all young explorers: Viking universe, the universe Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire universe, the Gauls universe, the universe A in Time and then Ancient Egypt finally universe.

Parc Asterix rates

The entrance ticket to Asterix Park allows you to enjoy all the activities, shows and games for the day. The address and video games are not allowed, you should take the tickets that are specifically intended for them. For children under 3, free admission. For children (3 to 11 years), the ticket "Full price" cost about 30 euros. For adults, the ticket "Full price" cost about 40 euros. The "card season" costs about 100 euros for children and adults alike. The parking is about 10 € per day (by car so). Ps: at the entrance you get free services, such as: • The instructions • Strollers for children and babies • And the rental of wheelchairs

Hourly Parc Asterix

The opening of Parc Astérix: It is stated (on site and on-site as well) that the park marked the end of the opening at 10am, but the turnstiles open slightly before the time, and especially busy days. So to avoid the endless queues, head directly to the Via Antiqua because the attractions, they, open exactly on time. The closure : The park closes when the attractions are closed. So closing time is not fixed in advance but depends entirely on the activity of the arena, the game or the attraction (and its queues, incidentally). The shops of Via Antiqua, for their part, are independent and remain open later in the evening. Ps: Estimates schedules vary from one day to another, and depending on the weather generally. Some events that result in large crowds can be factors of variations in schedules, such as: • Halloween night, which result in average attendance during the day, against a very strong influx night. There, the park is only partially open. • Christmas vacation lead to high traffic, so we will have to think long queue, which énervera more than one! without forgetting that the water attractions are closed. To have the heart net on schedule "of the moment", it is best to consult the official page of the park before your visit a few days to determine the exact times of opening and closing.

Parc Asterix transport

Whether you are in Paris or elsewhere, alone or accompanied, car or no, access to Parc Astérix remains easy and convenient, especially as means of transport are at your disposal to facilitate the move. ? From Paris: -By bus: Regular service with one daily departure (8:30 am). Access by the entrance of the Carrousel du Louvre or the Pyramid. Then you take the escalator located in Hall Charles V. The return is fixed at 18.30 Parc Asterix. -By Metro - RER: RER B to Roissy Charles de Gaulle, then take the bus to CIF Parc Asterix. -By Taxi: The journey will require almost an hour long and the race will cost between 50 and 80 euros. -The shuttle: direct services allow you to benefit from door to door transfers from central Paris (where you are) and the park. ? From the airport Roissy: -By bus: direct path between the RER Roissy and the Park. -in Train and Metro: No train beyond the airport. -in Taxi: Many taxis waiting for you once out of the terminal. The fare is around 20 EUR. - shuttle ? From Orly airport: - By bus: you will not find a direct link. The solution therefore is to follow the line 3 Cars Air France (Roissy) and then take the shuttle to the park. - by train: you simply take the Orlyval (to Antony station), then take the RER B (to the CDG 1 station) and finally take the shuttle. - by taxi - shuttle

Hotel Parc Asterix

When you visit the major theme parks, it's good to know that the visit will take you more than a day, so plan to spend the night in a hotel is an idea that seems rather appropriate. But which one? Parc Astérix has a rather rich neighborhood hotel, here are some examples: - Hotel three owls: After a busy day of adventures and entertainment of all kinds, nothing like the comfort of the Hotel du Parc to rest and prepare for the next day! This star hotel is a real haven for children and their big dreams of adventure and discovery. With its wide open spaces, games room dedicated to the joy and good humor, friendly lounge for rest and relaxation, library and beautiful atmospheric bar. You will also find: • A path to the park for residents • rooms for families • A good restoration • The precious presence of Asterix and

Obelix at departure for the Park - The Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal Chantilly which is half an hour from Paris, in the heart of the Chantilly forest. This modern castle offers well-furnished rooms with internet connection (Wi-Fi) access and views of the forest. - With two stars, the hotel "La Nonette" offers comfortable and welcoming rooms. It is half an hour from the exhibition center (Villepinte) and Paris also. The hotel also offers a generous breakfast every morning.

Last Parc Asterix

If you go to the park with the family, nothing like small tips and tricks to lose no crumb of the loaded program that offers the park: - not to waste your time and that of your children eager to play, do not start your tour by Zeus Thunder because that's where the majority of visitors head; go rather side 'The Trace Hooray', the space will be cleared, and children can play immediately. - think about skipping the long queues for the attractions it later. With this trick, you could wait only 10 minutes (instead of two hours or more). - during long weekends, go for the days start and end, instead of the days of the medium, because visitors are usually on the road during that time. - for lunch, avoid the famous "12h-14h" is the hours you may linger more, so go there before noon or after 14h, you will enjoy most of your visit. And always allow small snacks for the little ones. - If you have a rather large family, we advise you to follow promotions on websites and watch the most exciting offers, you will get tickets that can even reach half their price.

Parc Asterix opinion

The opinions of visitors who have young children, are not really satisfied because some services not really in top form: no attractions for small children, the farm nursery at 16h, which is early and this is what prevents parents to have fun more ... For some, the visit to the park is worth a visit, due to relatively low prices compared to other parks (expensive), visitors are mostly teenagers, which delights the young and allowing them to socialize interesting. And the attractions meet the expectations of young people hungry for thrills. The hotel of the park is also very nice, friendly and equipped with all the desired comfort. So finally, the balance sheet remains rather mixed, between criticism on one side and the admiration of the other ...

promo Parc Asterix

Your ticket is the key to enjoying your day at the park! There will be more, if you unearth with a promo ... - the "Freedom" ticket: for a little more than 30 euros you go whenever you want! - the ticket "Smart": a reservation 7 days in advance does not exceed 30 euros - the ticket "Week": an escape midweek for almost 30 euros - the ticket "adult child ticket at the price of" cost about 30 euros - the ticket "Legion" (group rates, family, from 5 people) - the ticket "Pharaoh": to discover the latest in the park: the attraction OzIris around 60 euros. - the ticket "Premium Day" to become a VIP client for up to 80 euros! Ps: The park encourages ordering tickets on its website ( because good discounts await you and interesting promotional offers are only thoughts for you.

Parc Asterix new attractions

In addition to its famous 31 famous attractions, the park has added other activities around the water like jet skis and water games. Shows also pushed around in the park, for ease of use and enjoyment. Among the latest attractions: - the game "Tonnerre de Zeus" play on the land of the gods, and have a good time with the god of gods. With a race that reached more than 80 km per hour, give yourself climbs and descents, turns, beautiful donkeys ... all in a deafening thunder ... -The game "Goudurix": with this attraction, you will not have time to breathe because of terrible mounted prepare terrible descents, plunging you into the ground at speeds back mind you. Fasten your shoes especially! -The I of the "great splatch" which is summarized in a beautiful boat ride on a river, or countless aquatic surprises await you. And after the walk, a fall of 11 meters will make you the most good, it will be a cold shower for everyone! - the play "The trace of hurray" thirst for freedom? This attraction is for you. With a descent to nearly 60km per hour, you'll get an experience where sensations reach their absolute sense. - and the work of creating new attractions continue over time. Because apart from maintenance work (Goudurix the supply of new trains, the Trojan has a fresh paint; the Transdemonium is rehabilitated ...); the park is constantly creating new worlds ... the latest is the world Oziris.

Parc Asterix amusement

Visitors discover the park with lots of water attractions like "Menhir Express" and "Romus and Rapidus". For lovers of thrills, the "Zeus Thunder" and "Goudurix" monopolize the podium of the best games. And side shows, the Dolphinarium remains a 'must seen', not to be missed. Some examples of famous attractions, the Park Asterix: - A hard time - Zeus Thunder - The Challenge of Caesar - The Flight of Icarus - Goudurix - Epidemaïs Cruises - The Squadron of the Aces - the Hydra - The Descent of the Styx - Little Storm - The Trace Hooray - The Trojan Horse - Le Grand Splatch

Parc Asterix oziris

The big news of the park is undoubtedly the Egyptian universe and its two attractions, "Inverted Coaster" (adults) and "Rollercoaster" (children). Conceived and directed by Julien Bertevas, Oziris happens to be a rollercoaster reversed, with a train up to 32 players, and is also intended for children over one and a half meters. In this cultural and historical context, ancient Egypt entered after ancient Rome, Gaul, Greece and the Vikings like to honor the cult comic featuring Asterix and Cleopatra, who also achieved success phenomenal. A sixth universe therefore offers visitors after two years of construction and intensive work. And the result is far from disappointing ... This has allowed Egypt larger than two hectares and a half on the surface of the park (10% more surface). More than € 20 million were disbursed to complete the colossal project. This true pharaonic site has probably pushed the park to break the draw play and was royally done by a large team of professionals, who have probably tasted the magic potion of the Gauls in order to complete the work and carry out the project! We must confess that impatience eventually devour us from within as the desire to see the two new attractions is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. But ultimately, OzIris born, and appears to be an unusual attraction, the kind of attractions that surprising that leaves no marble. Imagine the scene: more than 40 meters high, the feet in the air, you are downright ejected at 100 km per hour ... there you are missing the beautiful plumage and graceful wings to become a flying bird! But to understand the origins of the game, a story behind the attraction ... as follows: It all started after a passage Gaul, where the magician Iris meets two key characters Asterix and Obelix, then returns to Egypt to build a temple in her name! To refine his reputation, and with his hypnotic gaze, Iris creates a spell that will charm visitors to make them travel through time and space ... The visitors, curious and excited, will be tempted to enter the gates of the temple and experience the new charm prepared and cooked by the man who stood at the demigods. Throughout the tour you will be accompanied by film sets (Egyptian frescoes, beautiful papyrus realistic sarcophagi and other statues in the likeness of the characters) that will have roles to punctuate around the park and thus immersing visitors eager adrenaline in a cruelly exquisite atmosphere.