Where to find specials / discounts for the train in Germany


The flight to Germany are among the most expensive in Europe. It is therefore essential to know where to find deals and discounts for the train in Germany if you do not want to ruin your transportation budget. Here are some tips that will allow you to travel cheap for Germany: Buy a BahnCard 25: This card is for those who travel occasionally in Germany. It is valid for one month. The BahnCard 25 allows a 25% discount on each ticket purchased. Its price is 50 € for 2nd class travel, € 100 for first class. Buy a card BahnCard 50: for those who travel frequently. This card entitles you to 50% discount on each ticket. Price: 200 € for the second class, 400 € for the first. It is valid for a month. Buy the BahnCard 100 card: This card is for those who travel regularly by train. Price: € 3000 the second class, the first 5000 €. Valid for one month. The Wochenendticket ticket: ticket valid on weekends and concerns the German regional routes namely: Regional Express (RE), Regional Bahn (RB), InterRegioExpress (IRE) and S-Bahn. Price: 30 € at the box office 28 € on the Internet. The exchange of tickets on the net can also be advantageous: http href="http://www.kelbillet.com/" title="http://www.kelbillet.com/" : //www.kelbillet.com/