Organize a weekend in Marseille. Good ideas to remember.


Marseille was founded around - 600 BC by Greek sailors, it is a city rich twenty-six centuries of history, but it is also an exceptional natural setting including the Creeks are jewel. These twenty kilometers from steep coast between Marseille and Cassis are one of the most remarkable sites in France and tell thanks to the fossils embedded in the rock a history of millions of years. The ideal would be to do a cruise along the coast to make the most of the exceptional scenery.

Marseille it is as safe and above all the old port where there incessant activity day and night, tourists and fishermen come together, as well as residents and street vendors. It is a place of encounters and exchanges for Marseille. Going there in the morning, you can watch the fishermen return. This is also where major events are held in the city. The image of Our Lady of the Guard, which overlooks the top of its 141 meters, is one of the emblems of Marseille. The Romano-Byzantine church is topped by a huge statue of the Virgin covered with gold and affectionately nicknamed "Good Mother" in Marseilles. Beyond the architectural interest and the beautiful marble decor and mosaics, it is essential to getting in to enjoy an amazing 360 ° view over the city, the sea and the mountains.

another cathedral least known and yet almost the size of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, the Roman-Byzantine church of the Major all in gold and colors. Small amazing detail, flags from all regions are hung in the church.

The third most famous place in Marseilles is Canebière, this legendary shopping street dating from ten -seventh century and lined with magnificent Second Empire buildings. According to legend, his name would be of the cannabis fields that bordered it.

If you still have some time, take a detour to the Palais du Pharo commissioned by Napoleon III in the nineteenth century. Its beautiful gardens overlooking the sea.

To end your visit, go through the basket, a maze of neighborhood and streets that retains all the old charm of Marseille and whose activity revolves around the trades of the sea.