Observe the animals in the most beautiful wildlife parks of Kenya

Safari ou farniente au Kenya?

We invite you to discover the animals of Kenya through a small trip to the largest parks live quietly among the vast dune forests, hundreds of thousands of wild animals, wildebeest, kudu as well as beautiful Cheetahs. Do not miss an event more particular between July and September, there is the annual migration of wildebeest, zebras and other wild breeds. A beautiful natural landscape. Second stop in Amboseli National Park, spread over 380 km² reserve. At the heart of Acacias, savannas and swamps, flowing in all directions elephants, lions, black rhinos, giraffes and gazelles Masai Grant, an extremely varied fauna that will certainly not leave you indifferent. Without wasting a minute, we will head towards the National Park Tsavo East and West, one of the largest and most splendid of Kenya. In this gigantic mountain range, you will admire a mosaic of crocodiles and hippos from the large observatory corner, before contemplating the hundreds of elephants walking down the mountain. We can not discover Kenya without making a jump to the famous National Park MARSABIT stretched on 194 km². In this earthly paradise, you will enjoy the melodious song of a hundred thousand of rare birds, like kingfishers, pelicans, spoonbills, herons and storks. Further, in the hollow of the lake, admire the parade of beautiful pink flamingos. Kenya's wildlife is very rich. It can orgueiller the most beautiful mammals such baboons, Thomson's gazelle, spotted hyenas and Warthogs and various bird breeds like the Crowned cranes, Goliath herons and vultures Oricou through the thousands of reptiles such as crocodiles or lizards Nile.