Nuits-Saint-Georges, the wine village

In the visit of Nuits-Saint-Georges, the vineyards that produce the famous wines Cotes de Nuits are the most interesting: besides, Nuits-Saint-Georges is also an AOC for wines. You can also admire the belfry and the friendly Castle between the two deaths dating both from the 17th century, not to mention the two archaeological sites, The Light-Holes and Bolards. A Nuits-Saint-Georges and surroundings, luxury palaces rub shoulders with modern hotels and good market. A room on site is accessed from 40 euros. Etap Hotel on the Charles André Moult Street is one of the best hotels markets of the city: its double or triple are conveniently located near the train station and the airport. A Vougeau, Clos de la Vouge is a two star hotel with an outdoor pool. If you want to explore the vineyards, rather choose the four stars of Richebourg for its proximity. A Corgoloin, Manoir Equivocal has a beautiful panorama. The castle is a must Berchère of Nuits-Saint-Georges. This luxurious three-star is in fact a 15th century castle remodeled. In addition, he has family rooms, an outdoor pool and even a private airfield.