New York: the best sights to see time from a short stay

New York City

During your stay in New York if you intend to see and do everything, you will inevitably lengthen your stay. There are so many places to visit in New York. It's so big and so rich in essential places that you must necessarily arrange for all to see. Where to start ? hard to say what is more important monument so much beauty and greatness is imposing.

Let's start with the most beautiful, the emblem of New York, the most beautiful lady of New York, the Statue of Liberty. It is located on a small island off DownTown. It is quite possible to get there by taking the ferry. Unfortunately it is sometimes long waiting so there are tourists and in addition, since the attack of September 11, we can not visit it but it deserves you whether traveling on notice of his greatness.

Then start the walk in the main streets of the city and start with Broadway. This is a must Manhattan. And if you have some time, it would be interesting to attend one of his shows and shows that are organized in the evening. Pretty small rooms give not very expensive shows.

And now room for culture in your journey out of time, we advise you to discover what is nicknamed the Met or Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most famous museums of New York. The reputation of this museum surely comes from his very international side. Indeed, it exhibits works of art from around the world, one can find great talents and great painters like Monet, Dali and Picasso. To get there it is very simple, it's right next to the Central Park. Besides speaking of Central Park, here is a place to visit. In addition to the nature and it offers this good breath of fresh air that revives away from the pollution of the New York center, it is possible to practice several activities ranging from jogging to cycling. Finally, we can not advise you without mentioning the Ellis Island museum, the museum traces the history of American immigrants, who came from all over Europe. A lot of emotion in the visiting see!