Museums and exhibitions in Croatia

Croatia, known for its important and turbulent history, the atmosphere of its cities do not lack originality. A visit to Croatia necessarily imposes visiting museums, art galleries and streets overnight, authentic restaurants and bar

Museum of the City of Zagreb. With models of rare documents this museum details the history of Zagreb on a two-story gallery. . A collection to visit to give a cultural aspect to your travel

Mimara Museum: is located in a former school, this museum contains a vast collection of art objects & # 13; pre-Columbian to Greek art and some European artists. A very large collection not to be missed

Technical Museum. This museum dedicated to the technique introduces its visitors over its galleries, the importance of technical advances in the economic development of Croatia in all fields ranging from agriculture to aerospace, through transport and energy. A range of exhibitions to satisfy the different tastes of visitors

Archaeological Museum Split. Describing the extraordinary history of Croatia from antiquity to modern times through the time Christian. It contains a truly unique collection discovered in Solin which is well worth a detour towards Dalmatia. A detour on the side of the archaeological site makes visiting this museum necessary

Museum of the Franciscan Monastery. With all aspects of traditional medicine, the museum also contains a large collection of many art objects history explains the history of the city of Dubrovnik. The wooden crucifix on display in this museum can be considered the most important historical object from the collection. Do not miss

Rovinj Museum. Is a large Baroque house, the infrastructure itself of this museum is an artistic masterpiece. It contains a large collection of paintings of the fifteenth and seventeenth century. Depending on the time, this museum may also contain temporary exhibitions.

Whatever the city visited Croatia, this country does not lack cultural aspect or art galleries. With the summer atmosphere, add to your trip a cultural aspect.