Middle cheap to visit Egypt


Several European visitors are heading to Egypt each year. It remains to choose between the modern circuit of antiquity, desert, souks, cruise or beach .... If you go for a long vacation, it is better to focus Cairo. So you can visit the Giza pyramids and the Sphinx and take a cruise to Luxor. It is also possible to make discovery tours. For lovers of the desert, the Sinai is the ideal place. To enjoy the sun and beach, you can go through the Red Sea in Sharm El Sheik. To go to Egypt, choose air travel because it is the only one to be both fast and simple. In addition, airfare from France to Egypt is experiencing frequent promotion. At about 150 euros you can find to / from Paris to Cairo. So you can even view of Egypt from the top. To the east, the country is bordered by the Red Sea and the north by the Mediterranean Sea. We also see the sky, an ocean of sand where a long and beautiful flower flourishes.