Montreal: the must

Montreal makes you dream? The city has built a picture in time makes it more beautiful. Mix of cultures and eras, it now emerges with stunning locations and a visit worth. Before discovering the places not to be missed in this great city of Canada, you must know that this city was awarded the title of City of Design by UNESCO as Berlin and Buenos Aires. They are now the only ones to have received this honor.

But first the must see places. And of course it will be the old Montreal! imagine the oldest buildings of the old part of town date back to the seventeenth century. It is relatively old for a continent so young. Besides, you are not likely to see the oldest almost nearby. Stroll into the coach but it will have strong heart! Indeed, the soil of the city is covered with cobblestones on which oscillates your coach. Place your flat shoes and also take direction Vieux Port. The view is breathtaking.

Then towards the Place Jacques-Cartier. One can not miss it, it is bounded by the City Hall, sumptuous and you can visit or the Bonsecours Market and the Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours. After the tour of Old Montreal made, go on up to the other side Weapons of the old quarter and Notre-Dame Basilica. It will also pop in to see his remains. Now that you have visited some monuments, up to a walk by etching the Mount Royal embodies, indeed, the soul of Montreal. At the top you can see above the city a cross of 31 meters high. Not to mention that Montreal is the city that hosted the 1967 World's Fair, which earned him pretty footsteps to discover. You can still find the old flag of the United States. Lavish, it is ball-shaped. It is now nicknamed the Montreal Biosphere. It is a construction of the Canadian Jewish architect Moshe Safdie. A futuristic architecture that reflects a forward-thinking talent. Today the building has been converted into housing complex but it still remains a curiosity to discover during your stay.