Marseille, a city rich near the ocean


In Marseille, there is first the sea and a very pleasant climate: you can enjoy water sports, diving or simply sunbathing on the long beaches of the coast. Historical monuments are also many outstanding, witnessed the turbulent past of the city; you also will enjoy the calm and beauty of the parks and gardens that dot the city. The great city of Marseille has many prestigious buildings and hire a room for the night, there must be 55 euros on average for the top prizes. In the heart of the city, the Grand Tonic is one of four stars unavoidable, its very modern style also offers an unstoppable panorama of the harbor. Not far away, it is essential to speak the Sofitel offers rooms with harbor views and a heated pool in the grounds. For Belle-Vue, the landscape rather overlooks the famous Cathedral. Located opposite the train station, Hotel Terminus is aptly named. The rooms are affordable but comfortable and well equipped. With apartments at attractive prices, Citéa is also an interesting alternative for accommodation in Marseille.