London budget


It is very pleasing to be able to offer the opportunity to go to London but sometimes the budget is somewhat limited. Do not be afraid ! It is quite possible to afford London even for small budgets! Here are some tips and good ideas to apply.

Travel in Velib! And yes, you can do a bit of cycling road for half an hour and you pay nothing because it is free! So by bicycle ... Good imperturbable men Buckingham Palace will always fascinate? Well that's good! You can watch the guards and you can even try to make them laugh for no money. museum enthusiast? No problem ! The National Gallery will fill you, for free.

All of these free activities will have an appetite, right? Sit at a table for Angel Curry to savor no less than 5 courses for under £ 10. And if you prefer to eat the bottle that is in your bag instead of a restaurant consumption, go for it! Angel Curry completely tolerated.

We could not miss a vital activity holiday (not just on vacation elsewhere ...): shopping! Venture out to the Brick Lane Market, The Loft in type stores that allow you to barter and thus redeem your clothes!

Well, that's all well and good but where to stay now? Sleeping at the hotel in London is usually quite expensive. In order to save money, so it is advisable to book your nights directly through the Internet. Some sites like or help you in this task.

Here are some tips to navigate London, even when you have a small budget, it'll just apply ...