Ski resorts Jura unknown

The Jura seems well back when the winter season comes: everyone has that big resorts in the Alps to the mouth or the Pyrenees, while the small clump of Eastern France, it remains almost forgot!

The Jura, skiing for the whole family ...

But in terms of family skiing, learning younger particular, some nice thrills and chills and especially for a beautiful hike cross-country skiing, while the Jura and its stations are not . underestimate
Because the potential is there: Les Rousses, Jura mountains, Métabief ... for skiing family vacation, or a weekend to take the mountain air, these resorts offer affordable ski packages throughout, as accommodation is accessible ... nothing to do with the Alps again!

The ski resorts of the Jura, the microscope

Let us, indeed, to the point: what are the Jura resorts, what field they have, and what prices are practiced? Here's a guide to consult for the coming season: Cityzeum has prepared a selection of ski resorts Jura, collecting for you all the information to choose your future destination ski !

The Gentianes:

Typically, the small Jura resort frequented by families. The Gentian is for beginners, with 3 tracks, one green, one blue, one red, totaling 2 kilometers away. So, we learn from an early age skiing, sledding, ice skating ...
For the most seasoned athletes, Les Gentianes is also the starting point of beautiful cross country routes (or snowshoes ), through the landscapes of the Jura. -The
+ station: childcare

Gentianes in detail:
-39 400 MORBIER ( on the map )
-Altitude: 900m
-Pistes: 2km
- day pass: € 14 adults / € 12 children
-Package weekend: € 26 adults / € 22 children
-Package season: 140 € adult / children € 120 -Website internet

The Plans Hotonnes:

Again, this is not a resort for downhill but melted more for beginners who come to ski with the family. Plans of Hotonnes is a ski resort Plateau Retord in the Jura therefore, it brings together 13 tracks of different categories, a snow garden, ski school ... well, younger will be perfectly met. < br /> at the risk of repeating ourselves, el Jura often honor in cross country skiing, and Plans of Hotonnes offers approximately 150km circuit marked out for Nordic skiing and itineraries accessible to snowshoers. The winter fun are endless! -The
+ station: cross-country skiing

Plans Hotonnes in detail:
-01 260 Hotonnes ( on the map )
-Altitude: 900m
-Pistes: 15km -Package day
: € 17 adults / € 12.50 children / 8 € beginners
internet -Website http: //www.plateauderetord. en

Métabief - Mont d'Or:

In the Haut-Doubs, here is a more serious resort for hardcore skiers. Métabief is the highest and one of the largest ski resorts Jura, with a ski area of ​​40 kilometers by three sectors, Métabief, Superlongevilles and Piquemiette including 26 tracks, including 2 blacks and 10 reds. That's already enough to do for a while.
The younger also their place, and 150km of tracks are provided for Nordic skiing. At the heart of the Jura, the snowy scenery is beautiful ... +
-The station: good price / quality

Métabief - Mont d'Or in detail:
-25 370 Métabief ( on the map )
-Altitude: 1015m
-Pistes: 40km
-Package day (low / high season ): 22.50 / 25 € adults / 19/21 € children
-Package 3 days (low / high season): 50/65 € adults / 50/55 € children
-Package season: 375 € adults / 315 € children
-Site web:

Les Rousses

Close to Switzerland, Les Rousses has a horse field on the border. Charming village of Haut Jura, Les Rousses has an attractive ski resort and a remarkable ski area: about fifty kilometers of slopes, lots of red, some black also for experienced skiers
However, the estate covers fairly gentle slopes of the Jura, and the resort maintains a large family size with easy access tracks and facilities for all ages.
Les Rousses is also a paradise Nordic skier, who plays in the middle of landscapes of the Haut Jura Natural Park: it gets worse
+ -The Station: initiation the dogsled

detail Les Rousses:
-39,220 Les Rousses ( on the map )
-Altitude: 1050m
-Pistes: 50km
-Package day: € 34 adults / € 25.20 seniors, children
-Package 3 days: 93,50 € adults / € 69.20 seniors, children
-Package season: 408 € adult / € 302 senior-internet -Website children

Monts Jura

In the department of Ain, Jura Mountains was born from the merger of three stations, which gave birth to a beautiful ski area at least fifty kilometers, with the highest altitudes (and suddenly, uneven ) across the Jura, with a peak of 1,700 meters.
The station address as well as much to thrill (red and black runs) and families and beginners, with more easy slopes. Cross country skiing and snowshoeing also their place
+ -The station. the beautiful scenery on the slopes

Monts Jura detail:
-01 410 Lélex ( on the map < / em> )
-Altitude: 900m
-Pistes: 50km
-Package day: € 25 adults / € 20 children-senior
-Package 3 days (low / high season): € 71.50 adults / € 57 children-senior
-Site web: http: // www