Stays in ski clubs for singles

Go to skiing, it is a joy that one gets every year when winter comes. However, when you are alone, it is not always resulting from the slopes of unaccompanied, one or more partners ... like to spend his evenings alone in his corner. The winter holidays are made to be user friendly!

Of course, there are many travel agencies offering ski group stays, allowing to have company. But there are also children, more couples very funny ...

The solution? It exists through travel agencies specializing in ski holidays for single and divorced. The result, homogeneous groups of people who share similar desires, a good atmosphere that is created and new contacts for the future!

These agencies, which are they? To help you find the skiing holiday for you, draws you Cityzeum the top ski agencies for singles:

Celibacy Snow

Solos, single and divorced here form a real community! The name of this agency agency clearly the tone: of ski holidays for singles. The goal is not to find a partner at all costs, but to share a spirit of good humor and passion for the mountains and snow.



More Various Soloways offers a wide trips and weekends for solos and single, all over the world in the manner of a traditional agency. Of course, skiing and snow are represented. You can choose precisely its age range for homogeneous groups.


C for Us

Claimed as n & deg; 1 in the industry, we C, or EIC, is a heavyweight single trip. 12 years experience, a formula that works and a real professionalism provide conditions ideal start, with a wide choice of ski holidays when the season approaches.



Cleec is not a travel agency, since it is for you to organize your trip from A to Z. Cleec other hand is a web platform matchmaking between people sharing the same sporting passions . And skiers are not uncommon! Even to compose a small group and organize their holidays together.



In the same spirit as the previous site, Inooi offers from a wide range of activities to choose for the class skiing, sledding, snowshoeing and snow, or other solo or single travelers offer to share a room, rental fees, alone or with others, open to all situations.