The hot neighborhoods or to party in Montpellier

Get out in the most lively and trendy districts of Montpellier

In Montpellier the atmosphere is welcoming is warm, loyal to the people of the South. Besides being a beautiful city with a history and a rich culture with many parks, monuments, modern architecture and scenic and sightseeing, it hosts a large population of young people and many party venues, bars, restaurants, pub or nightclubs. some are found everywhere but particularly in parts that move.

Antigone district

This is a very modern urban area of ​​the city. It attracts many people from Montpellier but also to meet people and party. This district particularly lively account of building architecture and the impressive size and many café terraces for sitting down and sunbathe. At night, the Antigone district opens its doors to night owls and party animals of all kinds.

The neighborhood of Fine Arts

This is a cultural and artistic neighborhood that may seem quiet enough. But this tranquility often clashes with the animation and the lives of many cultural events are organized. Carnival, theaters and festivals make this district live at a pace ignited throughout the year. Art lovers will especially enjoy the various exhibitions and opportunities to party.

The district Comedy

This area is popular for various reasons. This is a live and lively heart of the city day and night. He made primarily its famous Place de la Comédie with its opera house and its terraces where we find ourselves after shopping. For the reveler, the district is home to the famous Place Jean Jaurès, a favorite spot for the all night party. Close to it there will be a tour to the famous Circus bar to come to the group in the middle of the night even without a reservation.

The area of ​​the Shield

During the day, this area represents one of the main historical centers of the city. It is almost in full by pedestrian streets where it is very pleasant to walk and are heavily used by locals as by tourists. Hotels, antique monuments and cathedrals add to the charm of this enchanting place that makes you live a real historical epic. At night, the scene changes. Nothing disappears, yet the area comes alive with a wind of modernity and party accompanying nightlife until dawn in cafes and restaurants open until no time.

Boutonnet district

Boutonnet is a neighborhood of mostly by students and young professionals. On Thursday evening especially privileged day students, but even on weekdays, the area comes alive with the atmosphere so characteristic of rhythmic nights in Montpellier. In bars and cafes in the neighborhood or surrounding streets but also in the young rentals, it comes to drinking glasses and share his good humor, all faculties and no matter if one knows or not.