The hot neighborhoods or to party in Lille

Lille is a city that moves and hosts many young people in its population. Whether one is a native of this city or passing, it is still looking for a lively, a flaming box or new friends to make. The delights of one of the most welcoming and festive cities of France and its light districts.

The Republic area: Massena-Solferino

These two streets are already collecting much of the student and festive nightlife Lille. They are lined with bars, restaurants, clubs and places of various meetings that young people used to frequent. We will have the choice to start the evening in a cocktail bar or concert or a magical place like the Atomic for rock music fans or The Beach and finish in one of the boxes in vogue in the area.


This is one of the most popular areas of Lille, with its cobblestone streets, upscale shops, cafes and restaurants where people like to go out and meet the day but also at night. District, both very touristy and very popular with Lille, the atmosphere is very friendly and eventful. In the evening you will make a trip to the Kremlin rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau to taste vodkas at will. You will believe you more in Russia than Lille.

The center

In downtown office the famous Lille Opera or some large very touristy places as the famous Place Charles de Gaulle. This is a very lively area of ​​the city that Lille familiar to dine, listen to great music, dancing and drinking into the early hours. The architecture is also very pleasant to contemplate with varied Flemish and modern styles.


This is a quintessential student district with the presence of the famous big University of Lille, La Catho. Vauban thus includes many housing reserved for students. Life is so busy there and this area is very popular with the majority of Lille and leisure travelers.


Mills is a popular area which is located south of the city. It houses several university and institutes as law and political science. The town is very active and often organizes neighborhood parties and representations of any kind that attract the world come to the whole city. This is a very urban and largely populated area. This area is very lively and difficult to get bored. Concert lovers will love discovering the schedule of activities presented in the region; This is not a middle-class neighborhood rather popular in turmoil and constant renewal in recent years.