The main shopping centers and shopping areas in Brussels


where to shop in Brussels?

The European capital attracts a clientele coming from all over Europe. Many shopping centers are so so available and set well forward multiculturalism of the country's capital dish.

Woluwe Shopping Center

Located in the east of the city, this shopping center is the most complete of the capital. 130 stores are everywhere. Food, food, perfume and clothes are part of the larger shops but many other areas are covered as well.

City 2

This shopping center is popular for its position in the same city of Brussels. Its 50 000 m2 and its hundreds of stores make it a place where you can find everything and at any time. It overlooks a busy street in the city and is easily accessible.

The Agora Gallery

The Agora Gallery is located just above the Grand Place, the tourist heart of the city. It is in a beautiful setting many affordable shops around the themes of clothing or food.

Galeries Royales St Hubert

The royal galleries are also located close to the Grand Place. Tourists appreciate especially for the beauty of perfectly restored atmosphere and the many chocolate own stores. Surely the most beautiful galleries in the city.

Anspach gallery

The mythical Anspach galleries were renovated in early 2010 to now offer a covered street with many stores and a popular atmosphere for tourists and inhabitants of Brussels itself.