The most beautiful cities of Morocco


The most beautiful cities of Morocco

With its sandy beaches, its kasbah, its great imperial cities, souks with oriental perfumes and dunes coiled in its vast desert, Morocco is the emblem of the east and the Arabian Nights . With its shimmering colors and crazy charms, it will impress the most demanding of you. It's a bit why Morocco is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

More beautiful cities of the north

Northern Morocco (as regions of Tangier and Tetouan for example) is considered a real tourist attraction. Several cities are in the spotlight every season, to welcome its tourists in the most pleasant way possible - Tangier is the only city that combines the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, to offer you a swim in two places, same time. It is a true mythical city that attracts many artists, writers and tourists of all kinds, because it is full of historical treasures dragging behind it a great history and a rich heritage. With its medina and Kasbah, it guarantees a change of scenery that is found nowhere else. The palace of the Sultan, also called Dar el Makhzen, is a very interesting site, not to be missed. - Chefchaouen more known as the Blue City, with its small white walls and doors and windows painted in lavender blue colors of rest and relaxation. A bit too touristy, its main square and its streets are the lust of too full of visitors, so we recommend you to prefer the winding streets of the medina. - Cape of the water: it is a fishing village invaded by concrete, with a long, beautiful beach and stunning cliffs. You can reach the beach by the coast of Nador where you will find a road dominated by the sea, so a great view in sight. You will also find some tracks for direct access to secluded beaches.

More beautiful cities in the south

The village of Ait Ben Haddou is located 30 km from Ouarzazate (coming from Marrakech), it is a corner that offers a performance of sublime rock strata. And, of all the south of Morocco, it is considered one of the best preserved ksour, it is also registered UNESCO World Heritage (1987). A web of alleys and small paths weave happily between mud houses, beautiful, traditional and fragile. This place has seen great moments of cinema as several film shoots recognized at home and abroad have found refuge in the sublime scenery of the village. (As Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator & hellip; etc.) - The city of Alnif is one that makes the happiness of geologists with the Precambrian soils that exist everywhere in the region. the cuisine and gastronomy, you will find a great fondness for potatoes, because the Alnif majestically keeps its reputation throughout southern Morocco. - Aouli: Aouli of the mines are located 25 km from Midelt, this place gives you a nice feeling because you will be surrounded by desolation spellbinding scenery, scenery worthy of those films authors. Not far from the corner, you have a direct path to a beautiful landscape. The cliffs with a thousand colors

More beautiful seaside towns

Moroccan coast is known for its thousand faces: beautiful beaches, sumptuous cities, major ports, beautiful resorts and extended deserts & hellip; but the resort towns are the wealth of the kingdom, such as: - Agadir, with its 6 kilometers of beach and a radiant sun that make the region a perfect destination dedicated to rest and relaxation, to contrast the scenery of the great Moroccan desert . Those who are not particularly attracted to the somewhat distorted landscape of the sea and beaches, with the new cross and palm trees (which have still the charm, for those who love), there are corners located at hinterland, which are full of wonders like the road Honey or Paradise valley. - Aourir: known for its bananas and marine activities highly appreciated by tourists (like surfing), the city is located about 12 km north of Agadir. - Asilah is a small town lying 45 km south of Tangier. She jealously guards its white houses and malignant streets. Today, Asilah is a beautiful resort where tourism has its say. It is characterized by its sandy beaches and its old town and its Portuguese ramparts dating from the fifteenth century. It is the starting point to go exploring the rest of the neighbors around, beautiful and wild within a few kilometers. - The white city of Azemmour: it is 17 km north of El Jadida and 80 km south of Casablanca, not extensive, a large and beautiful wall encircles, as if to protect the life of elsewhere and preserve a historical setting, it is known as the city of artists.

More beautiful cities in the Moroccan desert

We need to appreciate the absolute change of scenery to appreciate his getaway in Morocco. Sometimes the culture shock can be impressive. Very different from the Western way of life, it is simply all we sought to get away from our daily life, ordinary. For that, nothing beats the Moroccan desert

& hellip; At the heart of the imperial cities, you will find rich palaces, medinas and mosques, you will discover the history of a people and its authentic lifestyle. A stroll through the medina of Fez will make you fall back to the Middle Ages glorious Maghreb. If the lifestyle of people interested, you better go on the side of the souks of the medinas. Full of surprises, colors and scents await you, your senses will be scarred for life. The desert cities feature many treasures: the desert and oases, the landscapes of dunes and mountains, gorges and canyons, you will be spoiled by a sun that will make you color, while you stroll the the winding streets of the kasbah. You can even offer rides camel! And why not sleep under the stars in the desert? For the less daring, Land Rover will allow you to browse through the sands of the Moroccan desert.

More beautiful tourist cities

A few kilometers from Europe, the Kingdom of Morocco has more than one trick up its sleeve to ensure your change of scenery, with its bustling souks, vibrant colors and the strong smell of spices, from the minarets of its beautiful mosques, deep in its pretty villages of the seaside, the peaks of the High Atlas, infinitely Sahara desert. Morocco is characterized by a double coastline on the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other, by its borders with Western Sahara to the south, that of Algeria to the east and that of Spanish territories North of Ceuta and Melilla on the north coast. Must cities of Morocco: Casablanca is the leading city in Morocco, she seduces the tourists who come to see its large Hassan II mosque, which is simply the second largest mosque in the world. Except that most visitors do not stay long in Casablanca, because being a relatively modern city, it does not offer the scenery wanted by most of the tourists. It is therefore preferred Marrakech, authentic city with its noisy souks and old town rich in ancient corners that are worth visiting (as the Saadian Tombs and the remains of El Badi Palace, or even Koutoubia Mosque). Fez is a beautiful Moroccan city where you can let yourself wander through the labyrinth made of alleys dating from the Middle Ages. also are smeared to get to the city of Meknes, must address, known as the "Versailles of Morocco" for its beauty and radiance. Address to keep in the first pages of his diary! And finally, a trip to Morocco would have no meaning without the famous expeditions in the Sahara, or camel or 4x4 or even walk because of that side, the means are multiple and ideas lacking not really.

Itinerary cultivation

Fez and its medina sips of madrasas; Rabat and Hassan tower, the remains of the mosque of Prince Almohad Yacoub el-Mansour; the city of Meknes, the capital of Moulay Ismael, who was one of the most famous kings Alawites (dynasty still reigning over Morocco); the city of Marrakech and its famous heritage, the Koutoubia, the Jemaa el Fna, Menara ... etc. The visit of the Moroccan south (from Ouarzazate): Dades Valley, with the wild scenery of the Atlas and its Kasbahs, magnificent fortified citadels reflect a rich and alive Berber art; the Draa Valley and its ksours, authentic fortified villages as sites dedicated to cultural excursions. Enjoy visiting the Roman ruins of Volubilis. The most famous cultural route is that of Marrakech, Ouarzazate and Essaouira: It shows the other face of Morocco, bordering the desert and green oasis, where people still follow an ancient way of life and secular, to the shade of nature and its trees (figs, pomegranates and oleanders). Discover Ouarzazate and Zagora visit, situated on a rocky outcrop watching over the Draa Valley. Dades gorges to Todra Gorge, where the mountain is shown as finely crafted and carefully sculpted by nature, Atlas and distant snowy peaks, purely Berber villages, and the whole panoply of colors that so inspired artists , writers and painters & hellip; a route that takes you into a bright place where dreams Orient ignite, and where time stops to give way to eternal flavors of the Maghreb. Proposed itinerary: - Marrakesh - Marrakesh and Ouarzazate - Ouarzazate and Tinerhir the Dades Valley - Tinerhir, Merzouga, then Erfoud - Erfoud, Alnif and Zagora - Zagora, Tamegroute and Ouarzazate - Ouarzazate, Taroudant, Agadir then - Essaouira and Marrakech - finally, Marrakech and Majorelle garden

Beach Itinerary

Moroccan coast are the perfect destination for your seaside holiday. The whole coastline is adorned with very good natural and climatic conditions, and this all year. Morocco's beaches are a real invitation to travel, to relax and escape! & Bull; Treat yourself for days to escape facing the Strait of Gibraltar to Tangier, or the islands of Mogador ... In walk along the high cliffs and coves, enjoy the view of the landscape and take your sunbathing in lagoons, or lulled by the Atlantic waves & hellip; More than 3000 kilometers of coastline offering visitors beautiful scenery with all recreational sea as a bonus! The program plan: swimming, fishing trips, the boat trips, walks to foot ... & bull; Temara beaches are between Rabat and Casa (Casablanca), we find beautiful beaches with sand the color of gold. Once in Casablanca, take a stroll along the corniche: terraces of cafes and saltwater pools await you. This cornice is soft rendezvous for lovers, because it is very popular at sunset. & Bull; Starting from El Jadida, walk along the coastal road (to Safi) and do good to your body and your mind with the cool waters of Sidi Bouzid. Then discover the lagoon of Oualidia, virgin of all aspects seaside tourism. & Bull; Towards Safi, you will see the beach Lalla Fatna: sheltered at the foot of cliffs, this is the perfect spot for fishing and swimming. Essaouira Mogador Islands and feature beautiful landscapes of dunes, cliffs and lagoons.

Itinerary kasbahs

By visiting Morocco, opt for total immersion in the world of kasbah and discover the historic and cultural sites in the kingdom. The kasbah imperial city are real chokepoints for curious visitors to discover the country. Behind strong walls glorious past, they hide the remains of a heavy heritage and footprints in the history of the kingdom. Whether the kasbah of Rabat, those of Marrakech, Fez and Meknes, beauty is the same, go there, you will not regret it! In Tangier, climb to the top of the kasbah and enjoy the breathtaking view of the marriage of the sky and the sea! The view of the Straits of Gibraltar and the Spanish coast is just breathtaking! Not far away, the Kasbah of Chefchaouen is a very nice area dedicated to freshness in the center of the city. This kasbah medina carefully keeps the oriental charm and solid walls offer unparalleled views of the horizon line. Move away a little of the beaten track and make the crossing massive M'Goun from north to south. The still lingering charm of small Berber sites and the grandeur of these mountain areas will delight you. By visiting the ksour Toubkal rest a little in Asni, all near the Kasbah Tamadot famous, one of the Moroccan sights. Since the property of Sir Richard Branson, the Kasbah has become a magnificent hotel. Going through the road from Telouet in Ouarzazate, you can browse an interesting route between the snowy peaks on one side, the red soil and palm groves on the other. And then halfway you will find the fortified village of Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah.

Itinerary mountain

But that would be without Morocco's Atlas? Stretching the heart of the Moroccan territory (between Taroundant and Taza), up to about 80 km from the Atlantic coast, the Atlas consists of: the High Atlas, the Middle Atlas and the Anti Atlas. With the High Atlas that Morocco reached the highest peak in North Africa, Jebel Toubkal on (with its 4167m). A single trip to the meeting of the Berber tribes, whose generosity and kindness marked for life. Between peaks, canyons and valleys, the High Atlas provides a change of scenery for some trekking lovers and hikers. These adventurers can head over to the National Park of Jebel Toubkal. With the vast oak forests, you immerse yourself in the rather contrasting scenery between plateaus and cliffs that overlook the green valleys of Ourika, N'Fis or Sub. Discover the M'Goun region: the landscapes are exceptional because between towering peaks and snowy circuses, plains and plateaus, gorges and valleys ... no one knows where to head .

cities to visit in Morocco

The visit of the largest cities in Morocco is a classic. The palaces of Marrakech, Rabat and alleyways, Meknes, Fez and many more are waiting for you to make you discover the culture of spices and colors. & Lsquo; Discover the cities in Morocco 'rhymes with & lsquo; dive into the story. -Fez: jewel Maghreb Fez is the cultural capital of the country. Located in northern Morocco, this city is a veritable museum of the VIII century, it is also considered the oldest of the four imperial cities. His talented artisans carefully guard and make the holding of the country's wealth and the preservative traditions of its heritage. - Marrakech extensive, this city may seem elusive, especially the first day. So we recommend that you follow a guide to spot you. To make the most of your trip to Marrakech, offering you a riad in the medina, this is the place seems to stay in Morocco, it's beautiful and authentic. Moreover you will be spoiled for choice, as the riads are mushrooming and are currently over 200 & hellip; Nature enthusiasts will opt for their part, to the beautiful guest houses of the palm, which are 10 minutes from Marrakech ramparts. - Meknes: located 65 km from Fez, it was the capital of the country in the 17th century, during the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismail. Meknes is thus one of the four imperial cities, with a beauty that equals that of her peers. - Volubilis this city traces the history of the country, marking the area with its many secrets, witness an ancient and turbulent past the edge of the Mediterranean. Here, we can notice is that all that is in it, these are the houses that were better kept. Decorated with mosaics, frescoes and statues, the walls of its homes become museums & hellip; for connoisseurs, the site is a real archaeological treasure.

More beautiful Moroccan cities for trekking

Morocco is a great destination for hiking and trekking. Having Atlas as one of wealth, the country is home to one of the most beautiful mountains of the earth, yet safe from evils of modernity, with a population proud of its Berber origin. The Sahara is not only one of the most accessible wilderness, but it also has the advantage of showing a huge variety of beautiful landscapes: dunes, oases, valleys and palm groves which are lost in the golden sand. .. in Atlas, lots of walks are organized with mules and in southern Morocco trekking with camels and camel, which is an approach that meets the needs of the family trip in the Sahara. These tours are accompanied by specialists and specially trained teams for trekking, with Moroccan certified mountain guides. Extensive hiking and trekking trails are marked in Morocco, and in a number of cities, including here is a small selection: - Express Toubkal - Trek in Southern Morocco - hiking to Ait Bougmez - climbing Toubkal - hiking in Essaouira - and ascension M'goun

More beautiful Moroccan cities to party

Rabat is the capital of Morocco, which is why it is the nerve center of the country, where politics is found, the entire kingdom of the administration and the economy. It is also the second largest city after Casablanca. Rabat is also a commercial and industrial area, where tourism and local crafts have a major role in the economy. That's why she has a lot of entertainment venues and celebration, and to organize a memorable stay, here are some places to party in Rabat - nightclubs deemed as: & ldquo ; 5th Avenue & rdquo ;, & ldquo; & rdquo ;. Amnesia These are very trendy places, which will delight young and old too. -The beach Harhoura Temara is also a great place to party, because there is nothing better than the rhythms of the music combined with fine sand and crystal water. camp fires are regularly organized, as well as barbecues and aperitifs with good background music. The party venues exist in Rabat, but most exist in Casablanca, because it is the most famous area for wild parties of the Maghreb. It is indeed a favorite destination for tourists, whatever their levels and budgets. It is not uncommon to find princes and princesses wander in nightclubs Casa & hellip; go ahead try, maybe you'll come across an emir or a rich heiress somewhere!

The most beautiful cities in winter

1. All those who went to Morocco for full and high season (spring and fall) in return delighted but somewhat frustrated by the fact of having to mix with tens of thousands of tourists from across the globe to enjoy the Heritage and cool locations. This is why it is also good to visit Morocco during the winter, to quietly enjoy the treasures and wonders of the country and its tourist sites. 2. If they can reach degrees rather low in the middle of the night, temperatures in winter have an average of 20 & deg; C during the day. This is far from being unpleasant and uncomfortable, especially when they fall below zero in Europe. We advise you to go south of the country, because you can make the most of the Moroccan sun. 3. with an authentic atmosphere, devoid of stress due to the presence of tourists, the Moroccan will prove much more hospitable and generous outside the main tourist seasons. 4. The Moroccan ski resorts are places that you must see. Oukaimeden, (near Marrakech), & lsquo; surf 'on the beautiful slopes of powdery! 5. If, after the snow, you feel an urgent need for the sun, take a dip in the deep south, towards Dakhla for instance. The water is all year round to 25 degrees, enough to keep the summer season throughout the year, while introducing the little family to snow sports!

The most beautiful cities in summer

Thanks to its geographical diversity, Morocco has significant climatic variations. Generally, it is not considered an arid country (except in the South). The ideal times to visit Morocco are April-May and September-October, and here's our advice on the climate by season: & bull; The summer can be stuffy, as the sirocco wind becomes hot, with Saharan dust. In Casablanca, for example, the average temperature is 25 & deg; C. In the Rif and the Middle Atlas (regions where rainfall is abundant) alone is truly the summer dry season. Destinations adviser: Marrakech, Rabat and Casablanca. In summer, it is advisable to avoid the south and desert. & Bull; Spring between April and May and the beginning of autumn, from October, are the ideal seasons to organize his visit to Morocco. Because by following this advice, visitors can avoid the torrential rains from November to January (and sometimes until March), and the excessive heat of summer and cold of winter.

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The most beautiful cities of Morocco are apparently the royal towns but this opinion is subjective, because each of them has an undeniable charm. < / p>

Fes Fes is a special city from its history, its monuments, its faculty and its tanneries. When visiting Morocco, do not miss visiting this beautiful royal city. When you arrive near tanneries, sellers of mint and you better take it. Indeed, the smell is so pestilential because animal skins that it is better make a ball that fresh mint and put in the nose. Thus it can come and go at will without being too uncomfortable. It is also the oldest medina in the Arab world in North Africa.

Meknes Meknes is also one of the most beautiful imperial cities of Morocco. Its fortifications are extraordinary. It has an impressive number of palaces, fountains, gardens, mosques, etc. Shaped by the Sultan Ismael Moulai contemporary of Louis XIV, this city is a splendor of the architecture of the Maghreb.

Marrakech and Rabat are also among the most beautiful cities of Morocco. Everyone knows Marrakesh and Jemma el Fna but the city is also home to the Saadian tombs of princes and princesses who lived in the heyday of the country. The walls of the medina of Marrakech are 14 km long. Rabat is also worth seeing. Although this city is more modern than the other imperial cities are center harbors full of priceless treasures. Rabat is known worldwide for being the capital of Morocco but more for its famous Tower Hassan II.