The most beautiful cities of Tunisia

Découvrir Tunis

Fancy a trip to the sun in the countries of Mediterranean Africa? Tunisia offers many activities to suit all tastes. Whether traveling with friends, family or alone, Tunisian cities are ready to welcome you in a fairytale setting. These few cities will help you choose your next destination Tunisia.

Tabarka, the city sunflowers

You probably will notice the presence of planting sunflowers during your stay in this city of Tunisia. Tabarka offers a history to discover for tourists. You can visit the Genoese Fort of Tabarka or discover the famous statue of Bourguiba, a Tunisian militant nationalist, was elected president in 1957. If you like rough terrain, be sure to make a break with the needles of Tabarka. This city is full of many hotels for your romantic getaway in the North African country.

The city of Sousse

The resort of Sousse offers a relaxing stay in the colors of the Mediterranean. This city is open to any type of holiday, but it is mainly for young people who want to have fun and enjoy the sun. You will see entertainment centers, nightclubs beautiful beaches and turquoise waters for swimming. Sousse also has a large water park that has become for some time one of the attractions of the city. If you are an enthusiast and nature lover, you will not be disappointed during your stay in this city Its botanical garden is full of beautiful natural treasures. Fancy a souvenir photo? Go to the mosque located Martyrs' Square and made a small selfie to send to your friends.

Hammamet, a tourist city

If Tunisia is considered a big city, Hammamet is not less. popular tourist destination for decades, this city is open for swimming freely by its beaches and bays. Want to meet some stars, to ask for a spell to one of your idols, Hammamet is the favorite oasis of celebrities and famous people worldwide. This place is a museum because it houses the walls of the medina open to public eager to know the Tunisian culture through its infrastructure.

Monastir, a city famous

Monastir is the place if you really want to spend an unforgettable beach holiday. Characterized by its beaches stretching several kilometers and its variety of water sports, this city offers its visitors a range of activities for all age group. Want to try local recipes, local restaurants offer you tasty dishes based on fish. Monastir is best known by the presence of a specialized institution to teach scuba diving and many historical centers such as the Mausoleum of Bourguiba.

The city of Tozeur

Tozeur is a city that looks exactly like these small oasis in a vast desert. You can visit the palm plantation which stretches for several kilometers, or just stroll and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this little paradise. Tozeur is the perfect place for a vacation getaway.