The most beautiful islands of Greece

Want to spend an unforgettable holiday in Greece? Take a trip to the discovery of the Greek islands to refuel memories. These islands and seas, recreation of all kinds, gastronomy and culture combine to make your passes in one country. These lines will help you better choose the island where you want to stay.


What are the words that come to mind when hearing the name Milos? This is the famous Venus of Milos. On this small plot of land that Greek statue was discovered long ago. It is surrounded by beautiful beaches as Papafragas, Sarakiniko or Papikinou. This island is the most recommended for complete relaxation.

The island of Gavdos

Back to basics guaranteed Gavdos symbolizes the Greek tradition in the rough. Accessible by boat, the island is characterized by its beautiful beaches, friendly people and above all his love of the culture of his ancestor. Gavdos is the ideal place for a cultural holiday in the heart of the cultural habits of Greece.

Skyros, or the predominance of nature

Far from the noise and the festive nights of the big city, Skyros has retained all its nature. greenery, clean air, breathtaking beach characterize this large island in the Sporades. Moreover, it is easily accessible by plane. Enjoy your stay to stroll amidst this wilderness bicycle, motorcycle or on foot.

Ikaria, the legendary island

For a wellness stay away from stress, choose to party in Ikaria. This island is the symbol of the beauty of nature. The Aegean which borders it offers magnificent views across the coastline. You can swim in the thermal waters and bays that abound on the island.

Telos, or loneliness becomes pleasant

Want to relax in an island lost in the depths of Greece? Telos, an island both wild and mountainous offer its most beautiful natural assets: animals, beautiful beaches, lush vegetation. It's the perfect place for a small picnic with family, friends or lovers.

Mykonos Island revelers

It is always a pleasure to stay on this island? If you are night owls, if you like to party until dawn, Mykonos opens its doors. Despite all the fuss, this island contains many cultural treasures that you could visit during your stay.

Paxos, a peaceful island

Although Corfu casts a shadow on this small island, it remains one of the most beautiful attractions of Greece. Ideal to spend your honeymoon, Paxos offers visitors a tranquil ambience and gastronomic specialty based on fish. Relax on one of the beautiful beaches of Paxos as Gianna or Kipiadi.

The island of Santorini

This is the most representative island color of Greece. You will find a relaxed atmosphere, a beautiful black sand beach and a crystalline or swim at will and diving sea are possible. Taste the romantic Santorini!

The island of Crete

This is one of the cradles of mythology! Crete is an island surrounded by turquoise sea contains many historical sites. It allows vacationers to enjoy the sun while enriching their cultural knowledge. Meet Zeus birth of the island, the god of all gods!

Rhodes, the largest island

Famous for its museum and its acropolis, Rhodes offers nature and culture. The delights of a medieval island and treat yourself to a pause in St Pauls Bay, beach, outdoor sports, and extensive kind will be offered.