The most beautiful cathedrals in the world

Across the globe and across the centuries, have stood thousands of cathedrals. We invite you to discover some, the most beautiful. Our first stop will be at the foot of the most mythiqued'entre them, the picturesque church of St. Peter in the Vatican, in Rome, Italy. Nestled on 2.3 hectares, this magnificent structure can accommodate more than 150,000 pilgrims every Sunday for Mass. This is one of the most visited monument in the world. Several architects have contributed to its construction including the famous Bramante, Bernini and the legendary Michelangelo. Italy, move to France, where the second largest French cathedral stands is, Our Lady of Paris, building a magnificent Gothic architectural style. This masterpiece is located at the end of the island of the city, in the banks of the Seine. We can not talk without mentioning the cathedral of Chartres, always in France, the first great Gothic church built by the companions, on the heights of the city with blue stained glass window of Our Lady of the Beautiful Sunroom. In northern Europe, you can contemplate one of the oldest religious buildings, the Cathedral of Aachen, registered since 1978 to UNESCO World Heritage. Next stop, Manhattan. In the heart of New York City, St. Patrick's throne, a cathedral of Gothic Revival architecture, built in the 19th century, the community of Midtown skyscrapers. A true masterpiece of New Yorkers! Destination Andalusia Ouse quietly stands the picturesque Gothic cathedral in Seville, built in the 15th century, a magnificent structure housing a bell tower called La Giralda, a former Moorish minaret. Whatever we do, we will not mention all the beautiful cathedrals in the world, from Turkey to Russia via Tunisia.