Pearls of South African wines

Afrique du Sud

A beautiful land to countries so intoxicating that spectacular, radiant and wild, can not conceal treasures more delicious than the blood of his land. South Africa is no exception to the rule and its wines represent an unsung gem for many palates. If you ignore it, it is time to correct this deficiency and reward your taste buds.

A country of vineyards

It is surprising that many wine lovers ignore the quality of South African wine. Indeed, with an output of several hundred million annual liters, the country rose to the rank of eighth world vineyard. The size and diversity of climates provides diverse and varied wines will delight the most eclectic tastes.

The best white wine in the world

Winner of the prestigious Brussels World Contest, Chenin Blanc family Kleine Zalze reserve was crowned in what is considered the world championship of wine. This is a powerful white wine with flavors of citrus exacerbated. But it does not represent the only South African delight.

A century-old tradition

The first harvest made at the Cape country dating back more than three centuries, with vines planted around the late seventeenth century. This is also in this geographical region is the largest of the South African production.

Pinotage, paragon of the country

The crossing of Pinot Black and Cinsaut represents the specialty wines of South Africa. The palette which result this mixture creates such powerful products as fruity as many variations knowing seduce the various tastes.

A red wine award-winning

This tasty and blend of two grapes helped created many jewels who have delight the taste buds of discerning consumers. Often strong tannins, bottles deserve some oxygenation during a carafe of one or two hours.

The whites do not underestimate

As stated previously with the award of best white wine in the world, it is important to remember that fans of white wine will find all their happiness in the South African production. Although Chenin Blanc remains the most common variety, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are those who occupy the top spots of the export of the country.

Some seductive rosé

also be found several types of roses in the South African wine production. Less known that these European cousins ​​because often the mixture of red fruit and white, it nevertheless deserves to pay attention to the surprising and changing tastes that can discover.

Sparkling not devoid of interest

South Africa is a country of festivals and celebrations, it was inconceivable not to find sparkling wine. Sparkling you will discover will be as soft as dry, sweet than racy.

And of course quality sweet wines

South African liqueurs are round on the palate, reminiscent of certain notes the ports and other quality European productions.

delights not to ignore

For those who have not yet grasped the importance of South African wines after this short presentation, there is only one way to indulge. Dip your lips in one of their drinks and you'll go back.