The most unusual museums in France

France and its unusual museums

In terms of unusual museums, France is not in half measures: in all hex regions it is possible to find an original museum, which is unusual or that is interested in unusual subjects ... of course, Paris, with its numerous museums, stands out for the originality of many of them, but not in large cities that are crossed unusual museums, quite the opposite: small provincial museums as charming and unexpected swarm around the country. The discovery is all the more tasty! You'll understand that it is not possible to list all the unusual museums of France, unless devote an encyclopedia! Do we risk yet to draw up a small inventory of ten amazing museums, a non-exhaustive work of course, but that can get the mouth watering and stinging our curiosity ...

The Sewer Museum in Paris

So unusual that it will probably end up not being: the sewers Museum of talk! Among the most amazing tour of the capital, this museum offers to venture into the depths of Paris, exploring the sewers operating history, equipment, machines and models, guided tour, everything goes. A course is laid through the galleries, you will not have to wade or to dirty your shoes ... unless a misstep! -site internet: -Musée sewers at the Pont de l'Alma, Paris 7th, Metro Alma-Marceau (line 9), RER C Pont de l'Alma -timetable: 11h-17h from May to September, 11h-16h the rest of the year. Closed Thursday and Friday.

The house Pierre Loti Rochefort

officer in the navy, Pierre Loti drew on his travels topics novels that have made it famous, but also the decoration of his house in Rochefort .... it is the author's picture , eclectic and exotic: an interior completely disorienting, whose furniture and objects are preserved such that at the time. The house became a museum in 1969 and can only be visited by appointment, with a guide who will take you through the sights of the dining room decor renaissance, the gothic room, the Turkish lounge and silks, the mosque and mosaics of Damascus, the Arab chamber, the Japanese pagoda ... a little tour of the world of Pierre Loti. -site internet: -House Pierre Loti, 141 rue Pierre Loti, Rochefort. -timetable: June to September: guided tours every half hour from 10 am to 11:30 and from 14h to 18h. October to May: guided tours at 10:30 14h 15h 16h 11:30 ET

The Corkscrew Museum in Ménerbes

Just outside the village of Ménerbes in the Luberon Mountains, consider a halt on the side of the area of ​​the Citadel, in the vineyards and scrubland: this area is home to an amazing museum and for some of least exciting ... the Museum of Corkscrew! A name that leaves no doubt as to the theme of the museum: it includes ancient coins dating back to the time of the creation of the precious utensil, unique pieces! After assessing all these tires-cap, cross basements and cellars of the area of ​​the Citadel before moving on to the tasting session: finally! -site internet: -Musée Corkscrew, Domaine de la Citadelle, Ménerbes -timetable: April-October: daily, 10 am-12h-14h-19h, from November to March, 10h-12h-14h-17h, except Sunday .

The Smoking Museum in Paris

A museum dealing with the art of smoking, a practice that is found throughout the world in all ages ..! The Smoking Museum is only composed of a few narrow rooms, but these are well-stocked items, drawings and plants directly related to the only activity to smoke ... and it can take many different forms! The Smoking Museum also brings together a library and gallery, and a small shop full of more or less useful utensils to chain smokers. Not essential but nice to spend an hour. -site internet: -Museum of Smoker: 7 Pache Street, Paris 11th, Metro Voltaire (line 9). -timetable: Tuesday to Saturday, 12h30-19h .

The unusual museum in Lot

When you are told that the unusual museums also unearth in the country! The unusual museum is located a few kilometers from Cabrerets, a charming village in the Lot, which attracts few tourists for its famous cave of Pech-Merle in particular ... a beautiful natural setting serves to support this museum entirely devote to the unusual. Humor and creativity are the watchwords for this amazing tour amidst the works of Bertrand Chenu behind this major among the unusual museums of France! -site internet: -Museum of the unusual, area Liauzu Cabrerets -timetable: 9h-13h, 14h-20h, every day from April to September, by appointment the rest of the year .

The Museum of the Vampires in Paris

For those who love the thrills and atmosphere, say, a little weird, there are a few really unusual museum in Paris: the Museum of Vampires. Jacques Sirgent, passionate scholar but also for vampires is the origin of this original museum: posters, paintings, films, books, models of animals, while the myth of vampires went alphabetically ... to long, one would almost believe in the existence of these creatures sucking blood! The Musée des Vampires is not very great, and can not accommodate more than 10 people at once: it is essential to book in advance for the visit ... but not to be too sensitive! -site internet: -Musée Vampires, 14 rue Jules David, Paris 20th, Porte des Lilas (lines 3 bis and 11). -timetable: pass a line shot to arrange future visits with taking the places ...

The International Museum of Modest Art in Sète

radius unusual museums, the International Museum of Modest Arts arises here: a real bric-a-brac of objects of all kinds, of incredible banality one might think, but not when they are all together in a unique exhibition of its kind ... MIAM, founded by two collectors a wacky strand, Hervé Di Rosa and Bernard Belluc, has become a cultural institution in Sète. Besides the permanent exhibition, the International Museum of Modest Art organizes temporary exhibitions on themes as varied as they are original. The ticket also gives access to museums Georges Brassens and Paul Valéry: enjoy! -site internet: -Musée International Modest Art, 23 quai de Lattre Marshal Tassigny, Sete. -timetable: September to June: daily except Monday 10h-12h and 14h-18h, July and August: everyday 10h-12h and 14h-18h.

The Little Museum of Bizarre Ardeche

Unusual, bizarre, it's a bit more of the same ... except that the Little Museum of Bizarre, he seems to have no equivalent in France. In a deeply rural setting in the heart of the Ardeche, this museum takes place in a beautiful mansion that its owner, Serge Tekielski, decided to turn into a place of wonder and original exhibition with hundreds of other products, small works of art, paintings ... if you're in the area, a visit (free) you will remember surely! -site internet: -Small museum Bizarre, Lavilledieu, Villeneuve-de-Berg, Ardeche -timetable: June 15 to September 15, every day except Saturday from 15h to 19h. By appointment the rest of the year.

The Dish house broken in Louviers

A small house in Louviers, in the Eure, next to which it is impossible to pass without stopping: the House of the broken dishes! A place to say the least unusual: in the beginning, its owner (Robert Vasseur 1908-2002) had begun its fountain decorated with crockery crumb ... but the idea pleased him so much that it was the entire house, in every corner (to the niche of the dog!), who suffered the same treatment! The result, real mosaic, full of details and colors, made of broken dishes, and a house now akin to a work of art! -The House of the broken dishes, 80 rue du Bal-Rural, Louviers (Eure).

The Snail's museum in Champagne

A museum that knows the unusual mix to taste flavors in a region where gastronomy of an art of living, the Museum of the Snail is timely. The discreet village of Try-Dormans has found its place on the tourist routes of Champagne through the museum with a friendly atmosphere, the visit will absolutely everything about the snails! And they come from all over the world to see the famous Champagne snails! When you know all about the lives of these, linger for the best part of the visit: tasting tasty cooked snails ... accompanied by a champagne raw. So we mix the pleasure of learning the pleasure of mouth! As a souvenir, why not bring a snail jar of Champagne? -site internet: -Museum of Snail in Champagne, 8 Rue des pluck, Try-Dormans -timetable: all year, 10h-17h, by appointment .

The Ocher Conservatory and Roussillon Pigments

It's not exactly a museum, but an original initiative fail. Managed by an association, Okhra, the Conservatory of ochres and pigments is just below the pretty village of Roussillon, famous for its ocher tones precisely. The principle of this conservatory is based on the production and activity on the one hand, the transfer of know-how on the other. A golf classic tour presents all stages of extraction of ocher pigment that is found in abundance in the area (see: the Path of Ocher, two steps). The conservatory also organizes numerous training workshops and guided tours for those who want to push the mastery of ocher further! -site internet: -Conservatoire of ochres and pigments, Roussillon, Vaucluse -timetable: daily, 9h-13h and 14h-18h