The best bars gays and lesbians in London


If you go to London and you have the image of a gray city, sad and which we never fun, quickly forget this shot. London at night is the Mecca of festivities, much of which is dedicated to the gay scene. Soho, the nocturnal realm of the gay community brings together the best gay and lesbians London bars that are open Monday to Saturday from 11h to 23h. We offer a selection of the best places in Soho and its surrounding area:

-The Candy Bar is exclusively to a female clientele, the atmosphere is extremely hot and is open every day of the week from 17h. Address: 4, Carlisle Street, London -Tel: +44 20 7287 5041.

-The Comptons of Soho is a gay bar where regulars are rangers bomber. Address: 51 - 53 Old Compton Street, London Tel: +44 20 7479 7961.

-The Friendly Society is a kitschy place where it is good to have a drink before going to party. Address: 79 Wardour Street Soho London Tel +44 20 7434 3805.

-Kudos is the ideal place to meet gay tourists come from all backgrounds. Good food will be served. . Address: 10 Adelaide Street, City of London

-The Heaven is open throughout the weekend of madness evenings that end only morning . The price of entry is quite high but considering that this club is considered the most famous gay club in London, it will not be for you an insignificant detail. Address: 9 The Arches, City of London Tel +44 20 7930 2020.

-The GAY Bar is popular with students seen its affordable prices and its warm atmosphere and carefree. Address: 30 Old Compton Street, London Tel: +44 20 7494 2756.

ku bar drinks cost a bit more expensive than the GAY bar but the atmosphere is intimate and attentive service and attentive staff. Address: 25 Frith Street, London Tel: +44 20 7437 4303.

If you want to break out elsewhere than Soho, the Vauxhall neighborhood home to a multitude bars and gays and lesbians clubs whose best known are:

-The Fire, famous for its hard disco evenings. Address: South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, London Tel. +44 20 3242 0040

-The Hoist is the fetish club par excellence. The leather and rubber fanatics will be delighted with his eccentric evenings. Address: Arches 47 South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, London Tel: +44 20 7735 9972.

Enjoy steamy nights of London !