The best recipes and rice dishes

Rice is a bit expensive and food is very tasty in various culinary preparations. Very popular in Asian countries, white or wild and brown rice are also invited in our plates through dishes that we all know and that is eaten with great desire.

Rice croquettes

Very easy and very tasty, rice croquettes are white rice, onion, parmesan and breadcrumbs. Delicately fried in a little matter, they are enjoyed with good fresh and crisp green salad.

Salmon fillet and wild rice, lemon sauce

White rice is a food that goes well with fish, particularly salmon. Served with a light lemon sauce, a good piece of salmon steamed, this dish is dietary and especially full of flavors.

Rice Pilaf

Perfect with meat or fish, rice pilaf has the distinction of first leather is no water to return the beans with onion before adding a fragrant broth and even some vegetables. < / p>

The rice with prawns and curry

For those who like spicy food, this rice with yellow curry with prawns is a very tasty dish, and bring perfumes from elsewhere. This recipe is Asian and can be prepared in different ways.

The rice salad

Classic family meals, especially the summer rice salad is a complete and very good dish. It is possible to prepare it according to its desires with different vegetables, eggs, diced ham or salmon or surimi.

Cantonese rice

Asian dish par excellence, the fried rice is easy to prepare and offers great flavors in the mouth with his peas, its pieces of ham, omelette and small shrimp. This is a dish can be eaten hot or cold, depending on the season.

The risotto with morels

We can not talk about without talking rice risotto and especially that based morels is a refined and very tasty dish.

The rice pudding

A classic that delights big and greedy, the rice pudding is a sweet dessert that is proposed at the end of a meal to finish in beauty and delight the taste buds. For added indulgence, it is possible to cover it with a tasty caramel.

The rice cake

Other dessert made of this food, rice cake which is leather made in a bain-Marie and one table with a tasty sauce caramel and it is possible to add Orange Blossom to vary the flavors and pleasures.

The puffed rice

The puffed rice is a dessert that can be found in some restaurants and that often accompany another dessert. The kids love it because it is crisp on the palate and has that little taste Popcorn all gourmets fond.