The best recipes and curry dishes

The best recipes and curry dishes

in the base, is a curry spice mixture powder. If it is deliciously scented, it can be sweet or highly spiced. This mixture also lent its name to many culinary preparations. Trier gossip, discover the best-of recipes curry.

The curry sauce

This sauce is ideal for busy people and those who have no particular talent in the kitchen. It melts the butter over low heat, incorporating the heavy cream, curry, salt and pepper and going for 4 minutes to cook up.

The prawn curry

It dissects the shrimp without removing the tail and then cooked and reserve. then returns garlic and onion in butter, add the secret ingredient (yes, curry), tomatoes and a little lemon juice for a broth. Shrimp are finally incorporated.

Japanese Curry

Tasty round rice mixture, carrot, onion, water, and curry and the beef. We cooked rice on one side and the other ingredients except for a nice sauce. to enjoy warm preferably.

The vegetarian curry

The vegetables are cooked with coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, a few cloves, coconut milk, lemon juice and possibly a bit of cayenne pepper.

5 C

In addition to the curry, you have carrots, coconut, coriander and pumpkin seeds. All this is spread over a pastry after being mixed with eggs.

The potato curry

This recipe mix of potatoes, chicken breast, a Golden apple, onion and garlic and yogurt. Obviously, it integrates curry to add flavor.

The lamb curry

The lamb pieces are sauteed over high heat. Are removed in order to cook the sauce in the same pan. Potatoes, onions, thyme, tomato and red pepper, raisins, coconut milk and curry, you must admit that this is a promising mixture.

The chicken curry

It's all in the sauce. This is a curry paste mixture, bamboo shoots, golden sesame and tomato. It favors butter oil and serving this dish with rice or pasta then.

Curry sea

The seafood can be fresh or frozen. This exotic recipe is prepared with mango, coconut milk and grated coconut, a little celery, lemon & hellip; and curry!

The cream of cauliflower curry

It takes cauliflower, carrots and potatoes to garlic confit, coconut milk, vegetable broth, olive oil and curry. After completion of cooking, the whole is mixed in a blender and served hot.