The best nightclubs of Cannes


The best parties Cannes nightclubs:

Cannes changes face at all any of the periods of low season and euphoric periods that represent the Cannes Film Festival or, to a lesser extent , summer ... well, during the Festival, the boxes are full every night and ephemeral clubs make a brief appearance to host VIP clients from the Croisette ... with all the beautiful world that goes through Cannes, he had to make the city with clubs that hold water: attention in some of them, the most exclusive, the entrance is rough and it does not take much to spend the evening at the entrance of a box without seeing the color of the dance floor! Across all categories, here's a list of the main nightclubs of Cannes between the port and the Croisette, note the Club Palace, Jimmy's, Da Da Da Club, the Living Room or the VIP Room, well, a further out to the sea, evenings of the Palm Beach Casino in Cannes ...