The Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia


Since ancient times, Sicily is a roundabout civilizations and played an important role in the history of the Mediterranean.

Sicily is known for its beautiful and clean beaches. In 2011, six Sicilian beaches were winners of the Blue Flag of the cleanest European beaches. These beaches are located in Catania, Ragusa, Menfi and Lipari. In Sicily, there are sandy beaches but also rocky beaches. The beach of San Vito lo Capo, for example, is a beach where the sea meets the sand and mountains.

The island also includes maritime forest and natural reserves of which we mention the nature reserve of Etna around the volcanic area. Etna also houses a zoo, a dinosaur exhibition and a water park where younger people find their happiness. It may, in addition, wander through the volcanic mountains.

Sicily is an island that has seen several civilizations such as the Roman civilization, Greek and Arabic Punic. She keeps memories and traces in its museum and archaeological sites.

Sardinia enjoys a natural resource. Indeed, it is characterized by a mountain, massive, trays. It is also crossed by rivers and contains a number of artificial lakes and ponds. She is also known by the blue water beaches that welcome divers worldwide. Many caves show their treasures to caving enthusiasts.

In Sardinia, there are several museums, festivals and historical sites where visitors can discover the cultural and historical heritage of the region. For dining, the city is known for its pasta. It particularly cites malloreddus shaped shells that are prepared pasta semolina and salt water and are often Saffron.

In addition to hotels, it is possible to rent apartments, villas, come in a motorhome also stay in a guest house or a house in Sicily and Sardinia. For transportation to get to the two islands, take a boat or plane. Inside the islands, buses and trains are the main means of transport.