Recommended hotels in Auxerre

Staying in Auxerre, is to appreciate the charm of Burgundy and the wonders of this region has not stopped surprising its visitors. If you are planning a vacation there, you have a choice of several hotels, as interesting as each other. Just read the guest reviews, hotel reviews and hotel critics to realize. It is also a very effective way to know the popular hotels and find a good hotel in Auxerre map.

If you have decided to stay in the city center, you will certainly enjoy unforgettable nights in Normandy a beautiful boutique hotel, the Inter-Hotel Normandie or at the Hôtel Parc Des Maréchaux.

Auxerre is a city with several charming churches. To find out, you can stay with Clairions.

In order to appreciate the quaintness of Auxerre, there is nothing like to stay at the Hotel Restaurant De Seignelay, an inn as we once stood. In the same vein, the Hotel Le Maxime welcomes guests into a beautiful character home nestled in the heart of a calm and pleasant. The old town is full of charming accommodations as is the case of the Hotel Du Cygne and Cherry hotel.