The major international ski competitions

Skiing is a sport practiced by many. Every winter, from late December to March, a peak attendance in February, numerous vacationers head to the French ski resorts in the Alps, Pyrenees, Jura, Vosges or the Massif Central, not to mention the foreign stations.

A sport that touches so many followers, and which is also practiced at the highest level: every year has its share of international competitions, to determine among the major sports of skiing the best of his discipline. Among his various trials, the typical person, even if he enjoys skiing, can not navigate. Admittedly, skiing competitions will gather crowds as pa can do a world cup football!

So to see more clearly in international skiing competitions, here is a summary of high level events not to miss, whether annual, every two years or every four years. And no discrimination, it always involves men on one side, women on the other.

The queen competition: the Olympic Winter Games

The dream of every great athlete in all disciplines is to win the o medal at the Olympics, one of the most publicized events in the world and the opportunity to shine in front of an audience that n is not always aware of all relevant sports.

The skiing is not lacking, and the Olympics represent the queen competition discipline. You have to show a little patience, of course, since the Olympic Winter Games only take place every 4 years, 2 years apart with their summer twin, the summer Olympics.

During the Winter Olympics, five skiing disciplines are represented:

-The alpine skiing discipline mistress that attracts the most viewers, downhill skiing is available in men and women's events for downhill, super G, giant slalom, slalom and alpine combined .

-The ski jumping: spectacular with its giant springboard, this discipline appears in the Olympics program since 1924, with a great man springboard event, normal hill men and women and men Large Hill Team .

-The freestyle: a very modern version of skiing, introduced in 1992 at the Olympics, ski jumping for men and women includes moguls and aerials, ski cross, halfpipe and slopestyle .

-The skiing: different tests enable the world's best skiers to compete, men and women, on the sprint, the team sprint, pursuit (varying distances from 15 to 50 km) and the relay .

-The Nordic combined: less known, this discipline has the Winter Games since their creation! Reserved for men, it brings together three events: jump and 10km, and 10km large hill and team .

Incidentally, snowboarding is accepted as an Olympic sport since 1998.

The World Championships Alpine Skiing

the Alpine World Championships only existed since 1988. They are held every two years in the interval left free by the Winter Olympics and Summer. Although less emphasized that the Winter Olympics, the competition yet brings the best of the best world ski, and the show is will you make for enthusiasts.

Each participating country may enter 4 skiers at the World Championships, and they can participate in 5 different events, punctuating the competition:



-Combines (downhill + slalom)

Giant -Slalom

-Super G

As for the Olympics, the winners are awarded gold, silver or bronze, male or female category, without forgotten a mixed team competition introduced in 2005. It should be noted that Austria dominates the ranking of World Alpine Ski Championships, followed by Switzerland and then to France.

The Ski World Cup

skiing World Cup, under the responsibility of the International Ski Federation, finally is the ski season, which therefore takes place every year during the winter months from October to March generally.

There is therefore no uniform examinations, each awarded a medal as the previous two competitions, but a set of events which, cumulated over the entire season, will determine the winner of the World Cup. Most events take place in Europe, with some breaks in North America or Asia.

The World Cup is divided into trials men and women separately, and includes the 5 major disciplines of alpine skiing:




Giant -Slalom

-Super G

Each skier accumulates points over the trials. At the end of the season, the champion in each discipline receives the coveted crystal globe, that rewards hard work sports season!