Good free plans in Montreal. A few tips

Known for its highly developed social life and authentic, Montreal shines as the star of the North American continent. Best known for its ethnic mixture defying centuries of existence of the human being and his harsh weather living, the visit is a treat for those who enjoy the simplest moments of life. < p> Do not hesitate between the choice of tips, here's to you a list of top programs combining culture and free:

the museum of fine arts in Montreal: objects of ancient art in tables masters, the museum can be considered as a rare collection of items of significant artistic value. By adding to this free access, this gives an unavoidable easing program having a cultural aspect

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal. A collection of nearly 7,000 art works presented in this museum to delight lovers of great painting. Go on Wednesdays, admission is free from 17h to 21h

Pointe-à-Callière Museum of Archeology and History Montreal: Fan archeology, a presentation of real archaeological excavations in the heart of the royal square, free of inter-generation (65 years + - 16 years) is every Sunday.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization: discover 10,000 years of Canadian history. A complete reconstruction of Aida village with a bonus collection of totem poles. Entrance completely free every Thursday from 16H if not days following celebration: Heritage Day, the Museum Day, Canada Day and Remembrance Day

The McCord Museum. Again the theme of the story, the McCord museum offers a collection of over a million objects and manuscripts reflecting the history of Canada. Costumes and folk art objects are present in the collection. Free admission every first Saturday of the month from 10am to 12pm

The National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec. Be many to discover Quebec art in all its forms: paintings, sculptures and silverware starting from the seventeenth century to the present

Redpath museum. in the middle of downtown Montreal this museum fossil dinosaurs, minerals and even an Egyptian mummy, enough to bring happiness to everyone. Entry to the museum is free at all times.

7 tips to make you happy holidays and moments of original cultures in Montreal.