The tricks to visit Marrakech. What to know before you go


Morocco is the favorite destination on the African north for many tourists. Casablanca and other cities are also authentic and original as each other. The charm of Marrakech is still remarkable. As the main tourist destination of Morocco, Marrakech is essential with a rhythm and a special atmosphere. Access to this charming city in Morocco is very simple, whatever your travel formula (low cost or organized stay), it offers a multitude of formats for its visitors. Everything is based in Marrakech around the medina. Djema Elfna is the lung of the Medina. Standing as a symbol of this city, this place, often dotted by street vendors and folk artists (snake charmers, monkey handlers and traditional musicians), it is still vibrating motion to the rhythm of Morocco arabesque. Around the square, stands the Marrakech medina with its pedestrian streets of random shapes reminiscent of a gigantic labyrinth where getting lost is a pleasure. Browsing the medina, it is essential to do a small tour of the monuments that distinguish it from other Moroccan cities such as Koutoubia Mosque and the Ben Youssef Madrasa, through the Bahia Palace, these monuments witness the historical value of Marrakesh offering a true historical and cultural aspect to your visit. Scattered amidst the streets of the medina, the souks are divided by area and by business, lose yourself between colors and traditional flavors of Marrakech where bargaining is necessary if some thing makes you want to buy it.

Accommodation is the biggest problem in Marrakech, but the choice is varied, riads offer in the center of the medina charming formulas with a host of exceptional and high-quality services. Other institutions are less in quality, the most important is to check before your departure. Otherwise the large resorts amid palm groves do offer modern amenities but sorely lacking in charm. The surroundings of Marrakech also offer destinations that are worth visiting to admire all cities and landscapes around the heights of the Atlas.