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Casablanca is the main city in Morocco, it mostly attracts visitors for its large Hassan II Mosque, the second largest mosque in the world.
But most travelers do not drag on and prefer Marrakech more picturesque with lively souks and old town full of charm.
Directorate then Fes , the former capital of Morocco, another imperial city where you can get lost in a maze of medieval streets.
Do not miss either to visit Meknes , a city often called the "Versailles of Morocco 'because of its beauty.

  • Ouarzazate, Kasbah for its well-preserved and listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.
  • Rabat, capital of Morocco, a pleasant, modern city.
  • Tangier is the arrival point for most visitors arriving by ferry from Spain. The old town has an enigmatic charm which has historically attracted numerous artists (Matisse), musicians (Hendrix), politicians (Churchill), writers (Burroughs).
  • Agadir, best known for its beaches. The city is very modern.
  • Chefchaouen, located in the mountains near Tangier Cchefchaouen is nicknamed the Blue City, with its walls whitewashed and dyed blue.
  • The archaeological site of Volubilis, located 30 kilometers north of Meknes, the largest Roman ruins in Morocco.

    specialized travel agencies on Morocco

    Specialized travel agencies in Morocco are very numerous. To give you an idea here are some specialized agencies on Morocco:
    Morocco Horizon Adventures
    A travel agency based in Agadir in Morocco and offering his services in organization circuits in groups or individually, incentives, conferences and seminars.
    Agency 'Deserts'
    This agency organizes year round trips to Morocco, circuits are essentially camel trips, hiking and mule and discoveries 4x4. These expeditions are both open to the individual as small groups.
    Berber Adventure
    A travel agency based in Morocco offering tours combining sport and discovery in the Atlas the High Atlas and the Middle Atlas. Individual or group, choose from one of the proposed routes and go on an adventure in the great desert spaces of Morocco ...
    Top Desert
    A tour operator based in M'hamid El Ghizlane in southern Morocco, it offers its services in organizing trips and tours in groups or individually in the desert.
    Morocco Horizon Aventures
    a travel agency based in Agadir in Morocco, it offers its services in organizing tours in groups or individually, incentives, conferences and seminars, it handles the booking of hotels, the minibus hire and private cars, to organize sports tours; 4x4, mountain biking, surfing, trekking tours in the mountains or in the desert on camels.
    Oujda Travel
    An agency offering a range of services such as booking flights and shipping routes, hotel bookings and car, excursions and tours throughout Morocco.
    Amaris travel
    a travel agency offering tours discoveries on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, the Atlas, the High Atlas, the middle Atlas and the south Moroccan. Individually or in groups, go on an adventure in the great desert areas of Morocco ... The Amaris Travel headlight circuit is the Caravan of the deep south, a shipment of 8 days through the desert, accompanied by a caravan dromedary, a real nomad experience.

    Tips for Choosing a travel agency specialized on Morocco
    • Beware of package resort, in fact very few people really understood everything and practicing extras overpriced.
    • moderately trust the catalog brochures, often the reality is disappointing, the hotel does not conform to the picture, the beach is small and ugly ...
    • To limit the risks refer to the stay of comparison sites and hotel, or opt for a certified club or sold by major operators (Fram, Look Voyages Thomas Cook, New Frontiers, etc)
    • For information, websites, travel guides or travel agents abound. Beware of fake reviews only rave reviews about a hotel that's weird.
    • For extra precautions you can also call the hotel directly to confirm that what you are eligible and if there are additional charges for the spa, pool, activities, for example. < / li>