20 Moroccan cuisine.

Le Maroc

We propose to cross the Mediterranean and to discover Moroccan specialties. Morocco has a rich culinary heritage. And for good reason ! Their raisins, their spices, seeds and sun vegetables are a treat for the taste buds and take you directly to the sun.

1. Couscous

No one can claim to have never succumbed to the taste of couscous with vegetables of the sun, the exotic flavor. It is an essential dish in Morocco and have different variants. It can be vegetarian or with meat (lamb, chicken, beef), vegetables: zucchini, turnips, carrots, chickpeas ... Moroccan accompany their often couscous sweet peppers or ras el hanout that is say, coriander, cumin, curry ... This is bringing a dish to share and usability.

2. Briouats

briouats are dishes that Moroccans eat during Ramadan. They 'is an easy recipe but no less tasty! Quite the contrary. They can be so salty stuffed with cheese, minced meat or sweet .... being stuffed with almonds. Just provide yourself with a sheet of pastry, a farce and voila!

3. Tajine

tagine refers the dish but also containing flat. This cookware is glazed or terracotta. This is a hollow baking dish topped with a conical lid. Moroccan cook a stew kind stewed. The tagine can be composed of poultry, fish or meat, vegetable, fruit and spice. This is what makes the charm of this dish that has a large number of variants.

4. Pastilla

Like previous courses, pastilla is a traditional dish of Morocco. It consists of a sort of laminated, brik leaf species but slightly different. This dish is often served at parties and just it is eaten before the main course. Composed of onion, pigeon or other poultry but can also be composed of seafood. Add it coriander, parsley, almonds and eggs hard. The pastilla can also be tasted salty sweet by being flavored with cinnamon. A real treat!

5. Harira

This very rich and tasty soup is often served during Ramadan to allow Moroccans to take all day. This soup made of dried vegetables, meat, onions and tomatoes is often accompanied by boiled eggs, pancakes with honey, dates and Moroccan pastries. It is often eaten during Ramadan but during the winter and, due to its strong consistency.

6. Tlitli

This dish consists only of pasta, meat and eggs. To prepare this dish is simple. Just cook the diced chicken in a little olive oil and add crushed garlic. Separately cook the pasta in salted water and zucchini in a little bit of olive oil. Then put everything in a wok, stir: use !

7. Chakchouka

This dish is very famous in Morocco, he is often prepared, leads to sharing and conviviality and is preparing very easily. You want to prepare chakchouka do? Nothing's easier ! Sauté onion in a tagine, add the diced red and green peppers and cook just until the onion begins to brown. Add them tomatoes and simmer for a few minutes before adding cilantro. Add it of them, bake and sprinkle more coriander. Serve your meal with warm bread and enjoy!

8. Chorba

This is nothing less than a meat soup. Often eaten during Ramadan, is served after prayers. Today chorba has come a long way since it is offered in the gourmet restaurants. It is prepared with cracked wheat, noodles, beef and vegetables. Some chorbas are concocted with vermicelli.

9. Breads

The bread is very present in Moroccan cuisine and served as an accompaniment to most dishes. They are a real delight. These rolls are, made with fine semolina and flour and cooked in a pan.

10. Kamounia

We call this dish in this way due to its main component which is cumin. This dish sauce is prepared with offal mutton or chicken. There is a variant that involves cooking this dish with shrimp. It is sometimes cooked with parsley and chopped onion, potatoes and fried peppers.

11. M'loukhia

This typical dish is very popular. It is a lamb stew or beef cooked in red jute sauce or Corchorus olitorius. It is this powder Jew's mallow is nothing less than the leaves of the Jew's mallow plant that are dried and powdered, which gives its flavor to this dish. It is important to simmer this dish for several hours and at low heat. There are several variations to this dish that can be flavored with dried orange peel, bark pomegranate dried with dried mint ....

12. The barbecue

The barbecue is served during a feast. It is served by the host with his fingers to his distinguished guests. Indeed, the barbecue and a whole roast lamb or mutton in the spindle on the embers of a fire.

13. The Machawcha

This semolina cake is very tasty and very popular.

14. Mhalbi

This cream dessert Rice will leave you breathless! This dessert is often served for Ramadan.

15. The baklava

The baklava is made of oiled or buttered pasta layered in a dish or wound on themselves. They are a mix of dried fruits arranged between the sheets which are then cooked and soaked in sugar water or in water of orange blossom, rose, or in honey.

16. The Horns of gazelle

These blasted pastries are the best known and certainly even those most appreciated. They take their name from their shape.

17. Mint tea

There is not a dish that does not end with a mint tea. mint leaves are infused in hot water very sweet and served. A delight!

18. Cherbet

The Moroccan and Algerian lemonade seems perfect for relaxation.

19. Beghrir

These lightweight pancakes, with a thousand holes: Moroccans love it. They are served with honey, melted butter and accompanied by mint tea.

20. Zaalouk

This eggplant puree is the most popular accompaniment Moroccan dishes. Seasoned with cumin and paprika. One loves it!