The 15 best culinary specialties of Reunion.

Piton de la Fournaise

The meeting is known for its volcanoes, its peak furnace, its beautiful beaches, its fauna, flora ... It's time to talk about his varied gastronomy, tasty: type of cross between the different African specialties , Indian, Asian and European. Here, just for you, a list of 15 best Reunion specialties.

1 chili Candy

This little salty and spicy donut and highly regarded in Reunion and knows some similarities with the Indian falafel. Concocted based chopped lenses. The paste of sweet chili is cooked with chives, cumin, ginger and coriander spice. The dough is shaped into balls and thrown into oil. Sweet chili is served as an aperitif.

2. Caps Reunion

It is stuffed with pork pasta Réunion serve as an aperitif. The meat used is generally of chopped pork shoulder. , Made with the meat but also green onions, glutumate is an Asian grocery store, cassava powder, salt and pepper. The Reunion are fond

3. Rougail sausage

This dish can be considered as the emblem of Reunion. The Rougail is a preparation onion, chili, ginger and tomato. This preparation is mixed with rice and sausage Creole. A culinary marvel!

4. Curry / curry

It is difficult to give a recipe carry. Indeed, there are many variations to this dish. It is prepared by browning of vegetables, fish, poultry or meat. And to which is added a sauce made of onions or garlic, turmeric, thyme, tomatoes apart if the carry is cooked meat.

5. The duck with vanilla

This dish is particularly popular with Reunion and for good reason! Its ingredients make it an extremely tasty dish, inviting to travel and the exotic. To prepare the famous duck with vanilla, some ingredients will be indispensable as onions, garlic, cloves, nutmeg nut, turmeric but also and especially vanilla beans, ginger and honey . Get cooking!

6. Gratin darling

The darling is a fruit resembling a big pear, also known as chayote. The gratin is darling kitchen as a kitchen zucchini gratin. With garlic, butter, thyme, onion, potato starch, milk, liquid cream and grated cheese < / p>

7. Civet zourite

zourite is the name the Reunion give the octopus. This dish is to simmer zourites with chives and, for a few hours.

8. Sweet Potato Cake

This sweet potato cake is prepared as a yogurt cake, replacing the latter ingredient sweet potato. Add some rum features in the dough.

9. Vanilla

You can find, Reunion, very large and numerous plantations of vanilla, so vanilla seems to be an essential ingredient in many dishes Reunion. Do not hesitate to acquire them, it is exceptional!

10. coconut candy

coconut sweets are prepared with sugar and coconut two ingredients pushing Reunion ground and whose islanders adore !

11. The dodo

You can not leave the meeting without sampling the local beer of Brasseries de Bourbon.

12. Rum

Who passed by the Meeting, could not resist a taste of its famous rums. It can be infused with lychee, cinnamon, pineapple, flowers Orchid .... It is often used for digestive.

13. Prawns flambéed

This recipe is concocted from prawns mixed with garlic, salt, pepper and thyme. Flambé the prawns with rum. Fresh cream and curry can be added.

14. Swordfish massalé

Cut swordfish into cubes and fry in oil. Then fry the onions and add a mixture of crushed salt, garlic and chillies and turmeric. Add tomatoes and pieces of swordfish to the mix.

15. Papaya Salad

To prepare this salad, peel papaya and cut into 4 thick slices. Grate 1/2 hours and soak in salted water and vinegar. Mix papaya with chopped onion, chopped parsley and a hard boiled egg crushed. Prepare a vinaigrette and serve!