The 10 best restaurants in Nantes


The nice Nantes is always fun and exciting stop for its culture and architecture, but the city also tasted through its atmosphere, its terraces and restaurants here mingle the flavors of the sea, but also terroir. This is the Loire-Atlantique! Among the many tables Nantes, we have kept only 10, the best in all categories.

1-La Cigale

It is in the historic heart of Nantes, opposite the Opera House, which is one of his most famous restaurants. La Cigale, in a classified area, serves so chic and cozy brasserie. Do not miss: the plateau de fruits de mer .

Address: 4 Place Graslin, 44000 Nantes
Telephone: +33 2 51 84 94 94

The 2-U.Ni

Here is an address that has built a reputation in Nantes. Just like the city, the U.Ni features a modern atmosphere and a contemporary kitchen, which goes well beyond the traditional framework of the gourmet restaurant. A test.

Address: 36 Rue Fouré, 44000 Nantes
Telephone: +33 2 40 75 53 05

The 3-Canclaux

We went there for lunch or dinner, for the quality of food as well as for the good atmosphere. In the center of Nantes, the Canclaux typically offers a varied bistro menu with the reception and nice terrace to match.

Address: 7 Place Canclaux, 44100 Nantes
Phone: +33 9 52 76 27 62


dde neighborhood restaurant with one of the very best value for money Nantes. Perfect for lunch, Cocotte welcomes you with a menu where poultry is everywhere. tasty food and friendly service, hard to ask for more.

Address: 27 Rue Fouré, 44000 Nantes
Telephone: +33 2 40 84 12 of 44

5-Pancake Black Head

Not far from the Place Royale, established in an old warehouse, is the Creperie Black Head. You guessed it, you can sample cakes and pancakes, delicious in the traditional Breton style. rigor bowl of cider.

Address: 12 Rue des Vieilles Moat, 44000 Nantes
Telephone: +33 2 40 48 69 41

6-Suppli Factory

We are in the historic center of Nantes, and a small hunger occurs rapidly during the visit. For a quick lunch, nothing better than Suppli Factory, revisited a fast food where you breakfast without hesitation. Good and cheap

Address: 1 Rue de l'Arche Dryer, 44000 Nantes
Telephone: +33 2 51 17 79 28


A perfect address for those looking to dine on the island of Nantes. Near the famous machines, the sign shows us where the kitchen of this restaurant: Turkey! Spicy and carefully prepared, all Turkish specialties to discover in the card.

Address: 14 Rue Louis Blanc 44200 Nantes
Phone: +33 9 80 71 53 72

8-Marcel Gateway

A very nice location, on the Loire waterfront, next to the stadium Marcel Saupin. Marcel Gateway is set in a modern building, with a beautiful terrace by the river, and serves modern and inventive brasserie cuisine.

Address: Malakoff dock, 7 Allée Jacques Berque, 44000 Nantes, France
Telephone: +33 2 51 86 60 56

9-Lulu Rouget

Prepare to be surprised, especially your taste buds. In a sober and very urban decor, Lulu Rouget experimenting with a cuisine that changes all the time, at the discretion of the head and products: suddenly, often returns never tiring !

Address: 1 Rue du Cheval Blanc, 44000 Nantes
Telephone: +33 2 40 47 47 98

10-The Transporter

The Transporter, we often stumble across, but then we keep it in his good books. refined and original cuisine, meat and fish, neat and pleasant environment, not to mention a welcoming and smiling service and full of good humor.

Address: 9 Rue Kervégan, 44000 Nantes
Telephone: +33 2 40 35 36 10