The 10 best restaurants in Marseille


In Marseille, once past the inevitable cocktail hour, as the time comes to sit down to dinner. City of seaside and sun, between the Mediterranean and Provence, Marseille promises the best in fresh produce and cooking materials. Besides its indispensable specialties, bouillabaisse in mind! To sort through the many restaurants Marseilles, here is a top 10 best addresses all categories:

1-Les Trois Forts

A gourmet restaurant in the purest French tradition, the Three Forts set up shop in Marseille. In the Old Port, this classic is also the Sofitel restaurant: it gives an idea of ​​the kitchen standing .

Address: 36 Boulevard Charles Livon, 13007 Marseille
Phone: +33 4 91 15 59 56

2-At Ida

An address where reigns good mood and an excellent atmosphere. The food is fresh and typically French, market products and served with a smile, and to heat the atmosphere, this restaurant is also karakoé!

Address: 7 Rue Ferdinand Rey 13006 Marseille
Telephone: +33 4 91 47 April 97

3-AM Alexander Miazza

A restaurant out of the ordinary in every respect. Enjoy a table overlooking the continuous show kitchen and enjoy a contemporary base, to creative and unusual flavors created by A. Miazza. A test without hesitation.

Address: 9 rue François Rocca 13008 Marseille

Phone: +33 4 91 24 83 63


Nearly stop Our Lady of Mount, this table makes you want if only in name. O'Bidul is a small restaurant offering a reduced menu but always cool, also indicated at lunch and dinner. It emerges delighted.

Address: 79 Rue de la Palud, 13006 Marseille
Phone: +33 4 91 33 93 78

The 5-flavor

Also in the vibrant city center of Marseille, another small restaurant that seems to appeal to everyone. original and neat decor frame add to the quality of the food: simple and delicious food for a very good time .

Address: 9 Rue des 3 Rois, 13006 Marseille
Telephone: +33 4 91 42 88 80

6-Le Bistrot des Dames

Close to the Rive Neuve dock of the Old Port, this authentic Marseille bistro with all the atmosphere that goes with it. Good food and good atmosphere, a must place to the oils a long time.

Address: 34 Place aux Huiles, 13001 Marseille
Phone: +33 6 99 22 March 25

7-The Good Mother

This is a sign that catches your eye in Marseille! At the foot of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Guard of course, the Good Mother is a friendly pizzeria and deemed nothing less as one of the best of Marseille ...

Address: 16 Rue Fort Sanctuary, 13006 Marseille
Phone: +33 4 91 58 May 22

8-Grand Bar des Goudes

Also sought for its cuisine as its perfect situation. South of Marseille, we are on the side of the old village of Goudes, near the creeks, with a terrace overlooking the harbor. Guaranteed fresh fish on top of that.

Address: 29 Rue Desiree-Pellaprat, 13008 Marseille
Telephone: +33 4 91 73 43 69

The 9-Nets

We stay at sea, but really very edge. In the valley of Auffes in the 7th arrondissement of Marseille, the Nets is a table that specializes in fresh fish. A must-map: the famous bouillabaisse .

Address: Vallon of Auffes 13007 Marseille
Telephone: +33 4 91 52 17 82

10-La Poule Noire

Another good locations in central Marseille, in the Opera area near the Old Port: good refined and meticulous cuisine, a pleasant, too, for its small patio that can dine at the outside.

Address: 61 Rue Sainte, 13001 Marseille
Phone: +33 4 91 55 68 86